Wargames Shows in 2006

Fighting 15s is next at SELWG (Crystal Palace, London, Sunday 22 October) and Warfare (Reading, 18-19 November).

Black Hat Miniatures shares a stand with us at all shows that we attend in England. Following Black Hat’s acquisition of Gladiator Games/Coat D’Arms Paints we will be at SELWG, and possibly at Vapnartak (York, February 2007). This may change our intended line-up of shows in February 2007.

Note that depending on the organisers’ ability to adjust floorplans, we may therefore be identified on floor plans as one or more of the following: Fighting 15s, Eureka Miniatures, Black Hat Miniatures, Gladiator Games.

Subject to the above, we intend our 2007 line-up to include A Call To Arms (Theale, near Reading, February), Cavalier (near Tunbridge Wells, February), Salute (London, 21 April), and Cannonade (Falkirk, 12 May), Valhalla (Farnborough, June), Claymore (Edinburgh, August) and Colours (Newbury, September). For all shows in Scotland we attend as Fighting 15s/Eureka Miniatures, and offer some Black Hat figures for sale.

We cannot take every range to shows, and those we do take are usually prepacked. To ensure that we have exactly what you want please order in advance by phone.

We are not likely to have many AB Figures available to casual buyers at any show in 2006 because stock levels are not sufficient to take them in quantity. To ensure that we have 15mm AB Figures for you at any shows we attend, you should order them in advance by phone or email. We expect this situation to change only in 2007.

Please note that we cannot take credit or debit cards at shows. If you order in advance, we can take card details and process payment in the week before the show.

Catching up after Cannonade

We are still running slowly after our return from Cannonade. All web orders that we can fulfil from stock and which were placed over the weekend have now been processed, and over the next few days we will be working on mail orders and orders for AB Figures to be taken from the latest consignment (0054) to arrive from Eureka.

My new glasses are not working as intended, and I’ve been having to cut short my working days to rest my eyes.

Eureka consignments

We have received three consignments from Eureka and are currently “knee-deep “in boxes of toy soldiers. Orders from consignments 0051 and 0052 should be fulfilled this week, but dispatch may not be up to our usual speed.

Huzzah! revised

I have recently revised the first edition of Huzzah!, my tactical Napoleonic wargames rules, to incorporate some more observations by players. The changes are minor and largely clarifications, but one makes a difference to the points system and another makes a difference to sighting the guns in artillery bombardment.

The rules are available for download at www.oozlumgames.co.uk.

You would think, however, that with figures to sell I should be encouraging games such as General de Brigade instead. 🙂 The remoreseless plugging of rules for figures will have to wait for Huzzah! 2.

Oozlum Games

Oozlum Games logo

Oozlum Games is the publishing outlet for wargames rules from Fighting 15s, and is now jointly run by Ian Marsh and Mike Lewis. Existing rules from Ian include Time Lord and the Huzzah! system of games. The concepts behind Huzzah! have helped create ideas for other games, such as Martian Empires.

Published games include:

HUZZAH! – first edition of these tactical Napoleonic rules. Written by Ian Marsh and released in December 2003 after more than two years’ development. Huzzah! is free. It is available here (see links above). Huzzah! is a concept development platform, and will remain free for now.

TIME LORD – the Doctor Who role-playing game, written by Ian Marsh and Peter Darvill-Evans and first published in 1991, is available free through Precis Intermedia Games (formerly Politically Incorrect Games) and Torson Online. Torson Online also has some extra support material.

After recent requests, this page now has a direct link to the Time Lord PDF: timelord.pdf

MARTIAN EMPIRES – fast play, large battles Victorian Science Fiction rules, by Mike Lewis. Martian Empires takes Huzzah! as a base but switches the emphasis from simulation to game.

Projects include:

HUZZAH! Glorious Empires (formerly Huzzah! GTx) – “express” grand tactical Napoleonic rules, by Ian Marsh. A game aimed at club play, rather than a simulation, with brigades as the base unit.

Oozlum Games, Huzzah!, Huzzah! Glorious Empires, Huzzah! Miniatures, Gladiator Miniatures, and Fighting 15s are trademarks. Oozlum Games is part of Fighting 15s and is reachable at: Fighting 15s, Green Butts, Colwell Road, Freshwater, Isle of Wight, PO40 9SL

Page last updated: 22 October 2019

Eureka Miniatures: 28mm Almughavars

28mm Eureka Almughavars
The latest release from Eureka is 28mm Almughavars, 14th century mercenary warriors designed for use with the Warhammer sourcebook Vlad the Impaler and the Ottoman Wars in Europe. We do not have these figures in stock, as the release date has been brought forward, and orders will therefore take four to five weeks to arrive from Eureka. The codes for these figures are under 28mm, Medieval.

Prices are £1.15 per figure, or £4.50 for a pack of 4 foot figures.

RSS feed for Fighting 15s news

I have been playing around with WordPress and searching Google on incorporating RSS feeds into websites, and finally came up with the necessary javascript generator to do this at http://jade.mcli.dist.maricopa.edu/feed/. So, the news and events page in the shop now has an RSS feed, the address for which is below, which should work in readers such as Bloglines.

The Oozlum Games and Fighting 15s RSS feed is available at: https://oozlumgames.wordpress.com/feed/

Some security software may block the RSS feed on the Fighting 15s site. You can view news directly at https://oozlumgames.wordpress.com instead.