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More 15mm 1st Italian War of Independence arrivals from Aude

Here at Fighting 15s we love Aude Historica’s figures and dealing with the charming Ugo del Col. But arrivals are a bit sporadic and, as at Christmas, you never know quite what you’re going to get. It largely resembles what we order, but there are sometimes interesting variations…

Our latest order has taken something like four months to complete, thanks partly to the Italian shows season and because Aude uses a contract caster. So what was bright shiny and new when we ordered it is a little less hot, and we will have to play catch up to get the latest additions to Aude’s range of 15mm First Italian War of Independence 1848 figures and to bring in the promising Colonials range.

None the less, we now have the following new codes in stock for the 1848 range:

AU006 Austrian Hussars
AU007 Austrian dragoons
AU008 Austrian uhlans
BB003 Borbon artillery
BB007 Borbon generals
MI004 Milan “Battalion of Death” and Lombardy Finanzieri
RO004 Roman Republic Garibaldini
RO005 Roman Republic Bersaglieri del Po
RO008 Roman Republic Lancers of Death (Garibaldi’s lancers)
TO003 Tuscan Civic Guards in helmets

Packs contain 24 infantry or 12 cavalry, including command, two guns and eight crew, or four mounted and four foot generals. They cost the somewhat princely GBP10.00 per pack including VAT thanks to the appalling exchange rate with the euro. And if you think that’s bad, the packs cost 12 euros each direct from Aude. Codes on the packs may be at variance from those on the Aude website, so please go by the description of the contents.

We are in the process of putting some of Aude’s better pictures on the site (some don’t meet our requirements for quality and level of detail), but they are viewable at

15mm 1848 Italians from Aude

We have at long last had the rest of our shipment of 15mm figures from Aude for the First Italian War of Independence 1848. The figures are now in the online shop, priced GBP8.50 per pack (GBP8.00 for the resin barricades).

The range currently consists of the following codes:

Sardinia (Piedmontese Army)
RS001 Infantry
RS002 Granatieri de Sardegna
RS003 Bersaglieri
RS004 Line artillery
RS005 Dragoons
RS006 Horse carabiniers
RS007 Piedmontese generals

AU001 German line infantry
AU002 Jagers
AU003 Line artillery
AS010 Generals

MI001 Civilian insurgents
MI002 Barricades

Venice & Vicenza
VE001 Guardia Civica
VE003 Galateo battalion and Crociati vicentri

Papal States & Roman Republic
RO001 Swiss Line infantry
RO010 Generals (inc Garibaldi & Mazzini)

Packs consist of 24 infantry, 12 cavalry, 2 guns & crew, or four mounted generals and four foot officers. Additions are planned across the range, except the Sardinians which appear to be complete from Aude’s lists.

Now we have a reasonable range of figures in stock, we will begin photographing them for the shop. Pictures should appear in the near future.

15mm Italian War of Independence 1848 from Aude


We have the first figures in stock in Aude's 15mm Italian War of Independence 1848 range. Packs contain 24 figures including command – enough to make one regiment of two battalions, according to Aude.

Initial releases are line infantry, granatieri and bersaglieri for the Kingdom of Sardinia, and jagers for the Austro-Hungarians. We shortly hope to have cavalry and artillery for Sardinia, and infantry and artillery for the Austro-Hungarians.

Packs are GBP9.50 each.