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Camelot Miniatures ranges arrive at Fighting 15s


Camelot Miniatures, 15mm Republican Roman Equites

Camelot Miniatures, 15mm Republican Roman Equites

Fighting 15s is delighted to announce that it has added Camelot Miniatures of Italy to its line-up of wargames figures makers. We have received our first shipment from the company, which brings into stock most of its growing range of 15mm Ancients and Medievals wargames figures, and the figures are available to buy now in the Fighting 15 online shop.

The 15mm Ancients ranges include Republican Romans, Greeks and Huns; the 15mm Medieval ranges include Arabs, Crusaders, Rus, and Vikings. We aim to add the 13th century medievals in our next shipment. Packs include 8 foot, or 4 mounted, or 6 foot command figures, and cost GBP3.60 each (about euros4.00 depending on how the exchange rate goes) including VAT at 15%. VAT is deducted for customers outside the European Union.

The 15mm infantry follow the modern trend for larger figures, and typically measure about 17mm foot to eye. We regret that we currently only have pictures of the Republican Romans.

The arrival of these fine figures helps fill a gap in the Fighting 15s line-up, which until now has largely bypassed these periods of warfare in 15mm.