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Coat d’arms paints clearance sale

The clearance sale of Coat d’arms paints will end on 21 February 2018. This is earlier than the date for ending the clearance sales of Oddzial Osmy, Laughing Monk and Shadowforge Miniatures. I have a buyer for my existing stock of paints, hence the change of date for the end of the sale.

Coat d’arms paints are currently priced at £1.60 inc VAT per standard pot and £4.00 inc VAT per large pot, a saving of 20% on our regular price. There is, therefore, less than a month left to take advantage of these prices. The paints will be withdrawn from the shop on 21 February.

A reminder that Fighting 15s is just shedding a few lines to focus primarily on AB Figures and Eureka Miniatures. Dropping some lines means we can create storage space for new releases from AB and Eureka.

Shipping rules on paint change for the better

Royal Mail lifted a restriction on shipping water-based paint on 12 January 2015, and it is now possible to ship more than four pots of 18ml paint per parcel.

Fighting 15s has therefore removed the shipping premium on Coat d’arms paints, so prices are back at £2.00 inc VAT for an 18ml pot and £5.00 inc VAT for a 60ml pot.

The change has also allowed Fighting 15s to restore Coat d’arms 10-pot paint sets to the shop. These items had been removed because under the old rules it would have been necessary to send them in three parcels.

The change was brought about by a campaign on by Leon Pengilley of Pendraken Miniatures (, and his announcement about the change can be seen at Royal Mail’s new conditions for restricted items in the UK can be found at (the change also applies for overseas items, see

It is still, of course, illegal to send solvent-based paints or aerosols by post in the UK or internationally, which is why Fighting 15s does not sell them online.

Coat d’arms paints at Fighting 15s

Fighting 15s has been reworking the Coat d’arms paints section of the online shop so that we can continue to sell these water-based acrylic paints and comply with Royal Mail’s conditions for sending them by post, both within the UK and internationally.

All pots, whether 18ml or 60ml,  now attract a premium of 50p plus VAT (60p inc VAT) per pot to account for the extra delivery charges required to split consignments into groups of four or fewer pots. The Royal Mail now limits water-based paint to no more than four containers of up to 150ml per parcel for UK and international deliveries.

Most of the paint categories have been restored. However, it will take time to alter the groups of paint that are sorted by hue, so only the quick pick option is currently available for the Fantasy, Military and World War II ranges, with the result that colour swatches are temporarily unavailable. Fighting 15s will restore these as soon as possible.

Fighting 15s regrets that the starter paint sets of 10 pots have been removed from sale because they require three parcels to ship them legally, and we feel that the cost of these sets is therefore unattractive.

The price premium is a blunt instrument. Fighting 15s is examining how the shop settings can be adjusted to refine it. Until then, orders that contain four or fewer pots of paint will have the delivery premium refunded manually. Customers who limit their orders to four or fewer paints will therefore not be unduly penalized.

Our prices of Coat d’arms paints at wargames shows remain £2.00 inc VAT for 18ml pots and £5.00 inc VAT for 60ml pots.


Important: UK and international paint orders at Fighting 15s

Fighting 15s has just been alerted to a change in the rules for sending water-based paint by post. We’re not quite sure when the Royal Mail decided to limit water-based paint to no more than four containers of 150ml per parcel for UK and international deliveries, because it used to be just volume that was important. None of the procedures at Post Office counters indicate that water-based paints are a restricted item, nor does the guidance leaflet available for the public. The restriction is only available explicitly online.

Like a number of retailers we are going to have to work out what to do in order to send model paints legally through the post. Until then, Fighting 15s with regret has immediately withdrawn water-based paints from its online shop.

Our currently favoured option unfortunately is to charge a premium for buying paints online to cover the cost of splitting paints into parcels of four or fewer pots. We have to sit down and do the maths to work out what that premium will be.

Our thanks go to Martin Stephenson of Vexillia for alerting us to a discussion on The Miniatures Page about this subject.

Coat d’arms paint triads now available at Fighting 15s

The first 11 painting triads recently released by Coat d’arms are now available in the Fighting 15s online shop.

Coat d’arms triads have been put together by renowned figure painter Steve Dean and are aimed at painters who use the layering technique popularised by Wargames Foundry’s painters. The triads are three matched hues from the existing Coat d’arms range of paints that provide base coat, mid-tone and highlight tones that can be used to give the impression of shading and highlighting at a certain viewing distance.

Coat d’arms has further triads under development, and we will add them to the site when they are announced.

Each three-pot selection costs GBP4.40 (inc VAT), and each pot contains 18ml of paint.

Please note that having a selection of matched colours is not a guarantee of painting excellence; it is merely a means of having appropriate shades chosen for you, in this instance by an experienced painter of wargames figures.

Super Shader arrives in stock at Fighting 15s

Super Shader, the new range of shading products from Coat d’arms, has arrived in stock at Fighting 15s and is available to buy in the online shop. Super Shader is an acrylic, water-based stain that lets simple, block-painted figures be quickly and effectively highlighted and shaded.

Using Super Shader, wargamers can paint a whole army fast, providing a strong visual effect.

Super Shader is available in three tones:

420 Light Brown
421 Dark Brown
422 Black

The effect varies according to the tone used. Light brown provides the softest effect; black, the most intense.

Unlike existing solvent-based shading products, Super Shader is water based and brushes can be cleaned using water. As a water-based product, Super Shader can be sent legally through the post. Super Shader allows a consistent effect to be obtained compared with variable, home-mixed stains, and is available in 60ml pots – no need to buy a large tin. Each 60ml pot costs just GBP4.00 including VAT (that’s GBP3.40 ex VAT to customers outside the European Union) from Fighting 15s.

Super Shader is already proving very popular: it sold out on the first day of Warfare in Reading at the weekend, and restocks had to be brought in for day two. Accordingly, we have plenty in stock for customers.

Super Wash paints in stock at Fighting 15s

Fighting 15s has taken delivery of the exciting new Super Washes from Coat d’arms. These acrylic, water-based shading washes come in 18ml pots at just GBP1.50 each including VAT. Super Wash is available now in the Fighting 15 shop.

Fighting 15s is also offering the complete set of nine Super Wash paints at the introductory price of GBP12.00 including VAT. The set is available now in the online shop.

We are pleased to offer customers this range of paints. Super Washes offer a full 50% more volume of paint than comparable washes from a major wargames hobby company (18ml against 12ml), and cost some 75 pence less per pot (GBP1.50 against GBP2.25). Plus the range offers a yellow to provide a more complete painting palette.

We also have in stock the new acrylic, water-based yellow ink wash, code 168, which expands the number of existing traditional ink washes in the Coat d’arms range.

In full, the new additions to the Coat d’arms range of water-based acrylic paints are:

168 Ink Wash Yellow
169 Super Wash Black
170 Super Wash Green
171 Super Wash Red
172 Super Wash Blue
173 Super Wash Yellow
174 Super Wash Purple
175 Super Wash Light Brown
176 Super Wash Mid Brown
177 Super Wash Dark Brown

Price rise for Coat D’arms paints and brushes

Black Hat Miniatures has announced a price increase on Coat D’arms Paints and brushes. Pots of paint are now GBP1.50 for 18ml; Brushscape is GBP4.00 a pot; Superstar Brushes are GBP2.00 and Pro Brushes are GBP2.50.

Fighting 15s’ prices for the above items are the same and remain unchanged, because we had already factored in the increase when we began charging VAT on 1 October. An 18ml paint pot is therefore GBP1.50 inc VAT to our customers within the EU; our customers outside the EU pay the ex-VAT price of GBP1.28.

Coat D’Arms paints and brushes now in stock

Fighting 15s now stocks the Coat D’Arms range of acrylic paints, textured paints and brushes. The range is now available in the online shop.

Coat D’Arms paints and brushes are some of the finest that Fighting 15s has come across in its time as a painting service, and therefore we can confidently recommend them as suitable for the many ranges of toy soldiers we stock.

Colours are arranged in the shop in two ways: grouped by hue or type, and a quick-pick list. Grouping by hue or type allows you to quickly see a range of a particular colour, such as greens, or type, such as metallics, all on one web page. Hue groups have been chosen by physical inspection of the colours as unfortunately colour swatches on the web offer only an approximation of the colour.

The quick-pick option presents drop-down menus to select individual paints from the Fantasy, Military and World War II paint ranges. Quick-pick is the quickest way of ordering paint if you already know what a colour looks like.

Coat D’Arms Brushscape is a range of textured paint ideal for building up bases. It is available in 60ml pots at GBP3.75 a pot.

The Fantasy, Military and World War II paints are available in 18ml pots at GBP1.40 a pot, making them better value by far than Foundry or Games Workshop paints.

Also in stock are both the Professional and Superstar ranges of brushes, in sizes from 000 to 3. Superstar brushes are white synthetic fibre brushes and cost GBP1.75 each. Professional brushes are brown synthetic fibre brushes with ergonomically designed handles; they cost GBP2.25 each.

Unfortunately, we have decided not to stock the excellent spray paints and varnishes by Coat D’Arms as the Royal Mail’s regulations mean that it is illegal to send aerosols by post.