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Eureka’s 28mm Rocket Girls are go!


Eureka’s Rocket Girls from its 28mm Pulpitations range are now in stock and available to buy in the Fighting 15s shop. The figures were on show at Salute last year, and have now been officially released.

The codes are:

100PLP100 Rocket girls in helmets
100PLP101 Rocket girls in caps
100PLP102 Rocket girl .30 cal team
100PLP103 Rocket girl bazooka team in helmets
100PLP104 Rocket girl bazooka team in caps
100PLP105 Rocket girl in helmet with LMG
100PLP106 Bareheaded rocket girl with LMG

Eureka has also released some more gas-mask Germans to pit against them:

100PLP042 German stormtrooper in gas mask with rifle
100PLP043 German stormtrooper Panzerschreck team in gas masks
100PLP044 German stormtrooper in gas mask with Flammenwerfer
100PLP046 German Feldgendarme in gask mask, with raptors

Fighting 15s has also taken the opportunity to bring some missing items from the Jurassic Reich range into stock, including PLP031 V1 Stukasaurus.

Prices and pack contents are as detailed in the Fighting 15s shop. Our initial stocks of these figures are limited.


New moulds arrive from AB and Eureka

Fighting 15s has received new licensed moulds for AB Figure’s 15mm 1810-14 Saxons and Eureka Miniatures’ 18mm Seven Years War Austrian Cuirassiers. These replace moulds that have worn out. The codes are now restored in the online shop and customers are able to order them again.

The figures affected are SAX02 Saxon Grenadier, SAX03 Saxon light infantry skirmishing and SYW234 Austrian Cuirassier. Our moulds for SAX01 Saxon Fusilier and the Saxon command figures (SAX04 to SAX07) were replaced earlier.

More 28mm Chaos from Eureka Miniatures

100KASC02 Cyril, Herald Reluctant, and Bruce the Persuader

100KASC02 Cyril, Herald Reluctant, and Bruce the Persuader

Eureka’s second batch of releases in its 28mm Chaos Army range has arrived in the UK and the figures are now available to buy in the Fighting 15s shop.

The releases are:

100KAS14 Otto the punisher
100KAS15 Unreasonable Steve
100KAS16 Phil the Unchastener
100KAS17 Henry the Deluded
100KASC02 Cyril, Herald Reluctant, and Bruce the Persuader
100KASC03 Emperor Rat, robed in meat
100KASC04 Magog the Mighty Imp and his mount, Scamp

Prices are as listed on the Fighting 15s website and include VAT.


Eureka 28mm ZANLA and Rhodesian forces arrive at Fighting 15s

100MOD142 Rhodesian African Rifles in cap, advancing

100MOD142 Rhodesian African Rifles in cap, advancing

Eureka Miniature’s latest additions to its 28mm modern South African wars ranges have arrived in stock at Fighting 15s and are available to buy now in the online shop.

The new arrivals are:

100MOD137 1970s ZANLA guerilla with PPSh-41
100MOD138 1970s ZANLA guerilla with SKS automatic rifle
100MOD139 1970s ZANLA crew with 12.7mm DShK MG on anti-aircraft mount
100MOD140 1970s ZANLA guerilla with bolt-action rifle
100MOD141 1970s ZANLA guerilla with LMG
100MOD142 1970s Rhodesian African Rifles in cap, advancing (set)
100MOD143 1970s Rhodesian African Rifles, bareheaded, advancing (set)
100MOD144 1970s Rhodesian African Rifles in action (set)
100MOD145 1970s Rhodesian African Rifles officer

These figures have previously been available as advance samples on the show circuit, but have now been officially released. Our stock has taken a few months to arrive in the UK. The releases join the existing ZANLA and Rhodesian codes.

Pack contents and prices are detailed in the online store.



Eureka’s 28mm Chaos Army arrives at Fighting 15s


The 28mm Chaos Army figures from Eureka Miniatures of Australia have now arrived at Fighting 15s and are available to buy in the online shop.

The range includes:

100KAS01 Snailhead
100KAS02 Armless Nhils
100KAS03 Theo the Baiter
100KAS04 Batface the Biter
100KAS05 Beaky Pete
100KAS06 Percy Onehand
100KAS07 Harry Born Yesterday
100KAS08 Angry Francis
100KAS09 Log
100KAS10 Lars Coldblood
100KAS11 Flogging Horse
100KAS12 Beaten Dog
100KASC01 King Bighead and Harvey and Dent (two figures plus ‘horse’)

Prices as shown on the website.

Eureka is due to release more figures for this range in the near future, although Fighting 15s does not expect to have these additions in stock much before Christmas.



Eureka’s 10mm lizardmen arrive at Fighting 15s

400FAN109 Lizard Warrior characters

400FAN109 Lizard Warrior characters

Eureka Miniatures’ 10mm lizardmen have now arrived in the UK and are available to buy in the Fighting 15s shop.

The release includes:

400FAN100 Gecko Warriors – 30 assorted figures with command
400FAN101 Lizard Warriors with Long Spears – 30 assorted figures with command
400FAN102 Lizard Warriors with Short Spears – 30 assorted figures with command
400FAN103 Lizard Warriors with Hand Weapons – 30 assorted figures with command
400FAN104 Lizard Warrior Raptor Riders – 12 assorted figures with command
400FAN105 Fire Drakes with Gecko Handlers – 18 assorted figures
400FAN106 Pterosaur with Gecko Riders – 3 complete riders and mounts
400FAN107 Giant Lizard Warriors – 12 assorted figures
400FAN108 Stegosaurus with Howdah and Gecko Crew
400FAN109 Lizard Warrior Character Pack
400FAN110 Lizard Hero riding Megasaur – 1 rider and mount

All packs are £8.39 inc VAT each.


Eureka Miniatures: 18mm WSS Catalonians

300WSS150 Catalonian line infantry marching

300WSS150 Catalonian line infantry marching

Eureka Miniatures’ new 18mm Catalonians for the War of Spanish Succession are available to buy now in the Fighting 15s shop.

The figures are cast to order in the UK by Fighting 15s using licensed moulds provided by Eureka Miniatures of Australia.

Packs of 8 infantry and 4 cavalry are available at £4.00 each including VAT. A pack of four artillery crew costs £2.00 including VAT. Cavalry command figures are available singly at £1.00 each including VAT.

For a while, the figures are also listed in Fighting 15s’ new arrivals section at

300WSS160 Catalonian Migueletes

300WSS160 Catalonian Migueletes

Eureka launches AB Figures website


Eureka Miniatures of Australia’s dedicated website for AB Figures is now live. The AB Figures website is separate from, which now contains only Eureka’s own and other licensed ranges, although AB Figures will still be made and supplied by Eureka.

This has no effect on the Fighting 15s website, which continues to have both AB and Eureka Miniatures available from a single website. Fighting 15s continues to provide AB and Eureka figures imported from Australia, plus AB and Eureka figures cast under licence here in the UK.

The launch, however, has seen an increase in the price of AB 15mm figures, from 0.91 cents to 0.95 cents for foot figures, from AUD 1.82 to AUD 1.91 for mounted figures, and from AUD 3.64 to AUD 3.82 for cannon. This is the first price rise for 15mm AB Figures in Australia since late 2007.

Prices in the UK, of course, fluctuate according to the exchange rate. Fighting 15s prices’ have been going down as the exchange rate improves, with two reductions in the past year or so. Accordingly, given recent improvements in the exchange rate, Fighting 15s has decided to hold prices at their current level, so there is no increase in the price of 15mm AB Figures for Fighting 15s’ customers.

In addition, Fighting 15s has reinstated its offer of free standard delivery for UK online orders of more than £100 ex-tax ex-delivery in the shopping cart. This applies to all the ranges that Fighting 15s supplies.


Cats, dogs and fresh milky milky

Cowshed 4

Eureka’s fantastic milkmaids set came into stock just before Christmas, but such has been the pressure of fulfilling orders this festive season that it has only just been possible to sort the shipment and list the new releases in the Fighting 15s shop. The releases also include a set of four cats and a dog, and the redesigned British and German dogs for the Pax Limpopo range, plus the new Rex, Eden Hardlove’s faithful and somewhat steam-powered hound.

The releases, with codes and prices are as follows:

100CIV42 Milkmaids, cow and churn boy, GBP 10.25
100ANM10 Four cats and a dog, GBP 4.11
PAXP07A British dog (bulldog), GBP 1.10
PAXP07B German dog (dachshund), GBP 1.10
PAXP07D Rex, Eden Hardlove’s faithful hound, GBP 2.05

Prices include VAT at 20%. Initial stocks are limited. PAXP07A replaces the old terrier type dog, and PAXP07B replaces the old Alsatian type dog.

All the releases are currently listed in the New Arrivals section of the shop:


28mm Eureka Miniatures guillotine set


Fighting 15s now has in stock the 28mm French Revolution guillotine set from Eureka Miniatures – an ideal prop for a “Black Fingernail” scenario. There are several elements to the set (prices include VAT):

100WFR901 Guillotine with crew, soldiers and victims (GBP 34.24)
100WFR902 Civilian mob (GBP 17.12)
100WFR903 Corpse wagon and victims (GBR17.12)

Plus for a diorama, there’s also a two-piece resin backdrop of a town square (100WAL012, GBP 30.13).

Fighting 15s has limited stocks of these items, and if we go out of stock delivery can take eight or more weeks.

All the codes are listed in the new arrivals section of our website: