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Daughters of Set sets available at Fighting 15s

Laughing Monk's 32mm Daughters of Set, all safely wrapped up

Laughing Monk’s 32mm Daughters of Set, all safely wrapped up

Laughing Monk’s Daughters of Set sets are now available at Fighting 15s. There are two versions of these fantasy female Egyptians: the wrapped set LM0088, which any wargamer can safely take home to show their mummy, and the “unwrapped” set LM0089, which frankly features large boobies. The sets are £45.00 each including VAT, slightly less than originally expected because of a shift in the exchange rate over the past week.

The figures are 32mm, about normal for fantasy and SF figures nowadays. Curiously, the unwrapped, nude set of Set is slightly heavier in the shopping cart.


New postage rates from Australia

Nic Robson of Eureka Miniatures has just posted details of the new postage rates from Australia Post that take effect on 22 October (see

The new rates see the elimination of the 250g break on parcel weights, with the lowest postage band now 0 to 500g. Eureka’s minimum delivery charge to the EU and Europe is now AUD 20.20 plus AUD 3.00 handling, making the minimum delivery charge AUD 23.30, which equates to GPB 14.82 or Euro 18.39 on today’s exchange rates. And that’s for unregistered mail.

Fighting 15s’ equivalent delivery charges for a package weighing up to 500g are GBP 3.60 (UK recorded) and GBP 4.82 (Europe unregistered).  We also still have a Royal Mail price break at 250g for Europe. Even with 20% VAT, within Europe Fighting 15s will still work out as a better deal on small packages of Eureka Miniatures, Shadowforge Miniatures and Laughing Monk figures than you will get by ordering direct. Sometimes, however, you will just have to be patient while we get hold of the figures.

Laughing Monk’s SF female Russian conversion pack arrives at Fighting 15s

Laughing Monk: LM0101 SF female conversion pack 2

Fighting 15s has taken delivery of its latest order from Shadowforge Miniatures of Australia, including the new 32mm SF female Russian conversion pack from Laughing Monk. The pack is available now in the online shop, priced £18.50 including VAT.

Laughing Monk reinforces Lady Jane’s Rifles

Laughing Monk 32mm: Lady Jane's Rifles, Hanna (banner not included)

Fighting 15s has just unpacked the latest shipment from Shadowforge in Australia, which has brought into stock the latest figures from Laughing Monk. There are additions to Lady Jane’s Rifles (formerly Captain Janes Rifles), including Lady Jane herself, plus a formidable Countess, and three somewhat over-exposed Geishas for the Samurai line. The figures are available now in the online shop.

Laughing Monk 32mm: Geisha Blue Midnight

Price rises for Australian ranges

The continuing poor exchange rate of the pound against the Australian dollar means that Fighting 15s has had to enact an immediate price adjustment for 15mm AB Figures, Eureka Miniatures, Laughing Monk and Shadowforge Miniatures.

The pound is currently 67% of its value against the Australian dollar compared with a year ago, and our new prices reflect this drop in value.

Fighting 15s apologizes for the necessity of this increase. Our prices are still set at a level that represents good value compared with buying direct and paying for international delivery and the appropriate import taxes.

If you want to see the arguments behind this increase, please read the discussion at The Miniatures Page. Bear in mind that I work full time on Fighting 15s, and although the business turns over around £67,00o after tax each year, I earn less than £6,000 a year from it.

Captain Jane’s Rifles arrive at Fighting 15s

Laughing Monk: Captain Jane's Rifles

Laughing Monk: Captain Jane's Rifles

Our latest shipment from Laughing Monk has brought in Captain Jane’s Rifles as well as the Federation Marines and other characters.

The new releases and codes are as follows:

LM0030 Federation Marine Commander Tuskin
LM0031 Federation Marine Trooper Hammond
LM0032 Federation Marine Trooper Carter
LM0033 Federation Marine Trooper Oneil
LM0034 Captain Lotus
LM0035 Lord Commander Kurasawa
LM0036 Demon Elf Shiva Deathdealer
LM0037 Comrade Ivanna
LM0038 Federation Marine Sergeant Klato
LM0039 Federation Officer The Major
LM0040 Captain Jim Hawk
LM0041 Captain Jane’s Rifles – Sgt Lusty Ann
LM0042 Captain Jane’s Rifles – Rummy Sal
LM0043 Captain Jane’s Rifles – Catherine
LM0044 Captain Jane’s Rifles – Leanne
LM0045 Captain Jane’s Rifles – Belinda

More figures for Captain Jane’s Rifles are expected to be released later in the year.

Figures are 32mm in size. Prices are GBP3.50 per figure, except codes LM0034, LM0035 and LM0040 which are GBP4.25 per figure, inclusive of VAT.

Fighting 15s regrets that poor exchange rate with the Australian dollar means we have had to increase the prices of most Laughing Monk figures by about GBP0.25 each.

Updated single figures lists from Fighting 15s

We have at last found time to update the single figures lists for the ranges we stock, and they are now available from the Links & Downloads section of the online store (see the Information box at the bottom left-hand corner of the Fighting 15s site). The lists supersede all previous versions of the lists (and replace lists published way back in November 2007). Postage is detailed as usual on the order form, and there is a new minimum postage as a result of the annual increase from the Royal Mail.

The single figures lists give all the individual codes for figures sold on the website where they are available singly (some codes are only sold in packs). Note that the codes for AB Figures and Eureka Miniatures have a different prefix in the lists so we know that you are ordering single figures. Codes for these ranges on the website are pack codes: confuse the two and you will not get what you expect.

The ability to order single figures does not mean that variants can be specified if they exist. We are supplied figures in a random mix and therefore cannot guarantee to sell specific variants. Variants are therefore always supplied as a random mix.

Four new releases from Laughing Monk


Our latest shipment of Laughing Monk figures has arrived, bringing with it four new releases:

LM0025 Heavy Gunner Duke
LM0027 Bruce the Zombie Killer
LM0028 Keeper of the Talisman
LM0029 Demon Elf Dannith the Swift

The figures are all in Laughing Monk’s 32mm range, and cost GBP3.25 each except for LM0028 (GBP4.00). They are available now in the online shop.

Laughing Monk: new Samurai releases



Four more Samurai characters have been added to the Laughing Monk range of 32mm figures. The characters, codes and prices are:

LM0021 Maki GBP2.85
LM0022 Akira GBP2.85
LM0023 Ottomo GBP3.50
LM0024 Yumi GBP3.50

The figures are available now in the online shop.

Arrivals from Shadowforge and Laughing Monk


Our latest consignment from Shadowforge Miniatures has brought into stock the Dark Temple Guard Scout Archers and Scouts with Swords, plus four more characters from the Laughing Monk range: Kumi, Mitsume, Tetsurugi and Suzuki.

The Scouts are GBP9.50 for a pack of four; the Laughing Monk characters are GBP2.85 each. The figures are available now in the online shop.

The shipment also brought with it some forthcoming releases, which will be added to the shop when they are officially released by Shadowforge.