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Eureka Miniatures 28mm British and Yemeni in Aden 1967


Eureka Miniatures’ 28mm figures for the Aden Emergency 1967 have arrived in stock at Fighting 15s.

The codes are as follows:

100MOD230 British infantry with SLR
100MOD231 British infantry with L7A2 GPMG
100MOD232 British infantry NCO with Stirling
100MOD233 British infantry signaller, with radio and Stirling
100MOD234 British infantry in glengarry with SLR
100MOD235 British infantry in glengarry with L7A2 GPMG
100MOD236 British infantry NCO in glengarry with Stirling
100MOD237 British infantry signaller in glengarry with radio and Stirling
100MOD240 Yemeni tribesman with Lee-Enfield
100MOD241 Yemeni tribesman with Sten SMG
100MOD242 Yemeni tribesman with MG34

Figures are currently priced at £2.10 each including VAT. Please note that our initial stocks are limited and Fighting 15s is unlikely to be able to get new stock before Christmas in the event that any codes sell out.

The figures are available at and listed for a short time in our New Arrivals section.

Oddzial Osmy 1:600 releases for July

The latest releases in Oddzial Osmy’s 1:600 (3mm) moderns and WWII ranges have arrived at Fighting 15s and are available now in the online shop. The releases include the first figures in the WWII British range, and in the moderns the long-awaited A10 Thunderbolt.

Packs are priced at GBP2.25 and contain 15 vehicles or 8 aircraft. The codes are as follows:


US-634 A10 Thunderbolt II (Warthog) ground attack plane
US-635 OH58D Kiowa Warrior light recon-attack helicopter


WWH-631 Messerschmitt Bf-110C two-engine fighter

WFR-619 Renault R40, modified version of R35 tank

WBR-600 Matilda I infantry tank, used by BEF in 1940
WBR-601 Matilda II infantry tank, famous “Queen of the Battle”
WBR-602 Hawker Hurricane Mk I, standard early war British fighter