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1806 Saxons from Eureka Miniatures

We now have selected and limited stocks of the 1806 Napoleonic Saxons from Eureka Miniatures. These figures are the corrected and strengthened versions of the range originally released by Eureka in October 2006.

We have decided to stock only the marching versions of the infantry, plus the Saxon hussars and artillery crew. Other infantry, the chevaulegers and the heavy cavalry are only available direct from Eureka in Australia.

Eureka 10mm Fantasy late arrivals

The Chaos Dwarfs (400FAN14) and Ogre Beasts (400FAN15) that were missed out of our original shipment of the new 10mm fantasy range from Eureka Miniatures have now arrived and are in stock. Packs are GBP5.75 each and contain 30 dwarfs or 24 ogre beasts/beast lord command.

All Hail The Frog King! – more Toy Town from Eureka


Eureka’s additions to the 28mm Warrior Frogs, including the awesome Frog King on Litter set, and the new 28mm Toy Town faux wooden soldiers are now in stock and available in the online shop.