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SPC Wargame Creations 1/600th scale scenery arrives at Fighting 15s

SPC006 European farmhouse

Fighting 15s is delighted to announce that it now has in stock the 3mm (1/600th scale) buildings produced by SPC Wargame Creations. These buildings are available exclusively in the UK through Fighting 15s.

The arrivals comprise the former range produced by Simply 6, plus the first of the new additions that designer Steve Clay has made since relaunching the range as SPC Wargame Creations. The current range is:

SPC-001 European terraced houses, 4 models, £1.75
SPC-002 European stores, 4 models, £1.75
SPC-003 Small Middle Eastern dwellings, 4 models, £1.75
SPC-004 Ruins, 3 models, £1.30
SPC-005 Stone bridges, 2 models, £1.20
SPC-006 European farmhouse and stable, 1 model, £1.65
SPC-007 European street section, 1 model, £1.30
SPC-008 Small church, 1 model, £1.00
SPC-009 ACW Dobbin house, 4 models, £1.75
SPC-010 ACW Generic house type A, 4 models, £1.65
SPC-010 ACW Generic house type B, 4 models, £1.65

Prices include VAT at 20%. The above items are available now in the Fighting 15s shop.

Steve has already been at work creating new models for the range, and Fighting 15s will have these in stock as soon as possible. The buildings are, of course, the ideal complement to the 1/600th scale range of ACW, WWII and modern wargames castings from Oddzial Osmy of Poland.

Fighting 15s will have the range at Cavalier in Tonbridge on Sunday 27 February.