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Last deliveries for Christmas 2014

Fighting 15s has received its last delivery of the year from Oddzial Osmy of Poland, and our last shipment of the year from Eureka Miniatures left Australia on Friday 5 December and is expected in the next day or two.

Our deliveries typically resume from Poland in January, and from Australia in February. It will not, therefore, be possible to obtain items that go out of stock or that are obtained to special order until late into the new year.

Customers who want to check that an item is in stock are encouraged to do so by phone or email. Please, note, however, that Fighting 15s is very busy in the run-up to Christmas, that our stated priority is to deal with paid-for orders placed in the online shop above anything else, and that emails are dealt with when possible. At exceptionally busy times, especially while casting, we may not be able to answer the phone.

Fighting 15s works right up until the weekday before last UK posting date, which means Friday 19 December 2014.

Fighting 15s is definitely out of stock of the following (this list will be updated when possible):

28mm French guillotine sets (codes 100WFR900, 901, 902 and 903)
28mm Assyrian shields

New postage rates from Australia

Nic Robson of Eureka Miniatures has just posted details of the new postage rates from Australia Post that take effect on 22 October (see

The new rates see the elimination of the 250g break on parcel weights, with the lowest postage band now 0 to 500g. Eureka’s minimum delivery charge to the EU and Europe is now AUD 20.20 plus AUD 3.00 handling, making the minimum delivery charge AUD 23.30, which equates to GPB 14.82 or Euro 18.39 on today’s exchange rates. And that’s for unregistered mail.

Fighting 15s’ equivalent delivery charges for a package weighing up to 500g are GBP 3.60 (UK recorded) and GBP 4.82 (Europe unregistered).  We also still have a Royal Mail price break at 250g for Europe. Even with 20% VAT, within Europe Fighting 15s will still work out as a better deal on small packages of Eureka Miniatures, Shadowforge Miniatures and Laughing Monk figures than you will get by ordering direct. Sometimes, however, you will just have to be patient while we get hold of the figures.

Price changes for Shadowforge Miniatures at Fighting 15s

Our last two deliveries from Australia’s Shadowforge Miniatures have turned over most of Fighting 15s’ existing stock, leaving us pretty much with all new stock. A review of the costs of importing these wonderful figures unfortunately leads to the conclusion that prices have to be adjusted to reflect the exchange rate. Fighting 15s has done what it can to minimise costs, and therefore the scale of the increases, and now ships Shadowforge figures in our DHL box from Eureka Miniatures, which eliminates random extra duty charges from Parcelforce if nothing else.

Some ranges are barely affected, such as the Gunny Bunners and SF Scouts, because prices for them were set at the time of release. It’s really only older ranges whose UK prices were set two or more years ago that are significantly affected.

The upshot is that a pack of Shadowforge figures that, for example, costs AUD24.00 (just over £15) ex tax direct from Australia will now cost £18.00 inc tax (£15 + VAT) from Fighting 15s. In other words, there is no significant difference. Other packs are priced accordingly.

Shadowforge 28mm Gunny Bunners arrive at Fighting 15s

Shadowforge Miniatures 28mm Gunny Bunners

Shadowforge Miniatures’ 28mm Gunny Bunners – the gun-toting bunny girls – are now in stock at Fighting 15s and available to buy in the online shop.

The release comprises five sets: command, support weapons, special weapons, laser rifles, and assault rifles.

Unfortunately, the continuing poor exchange rate with the Australian dollar puts the special sets at £13.25 and the basic sets (laser and assault rifles) at £11.95, inclusive of VAT. Fighting 15s, however, is holding the prices on current Shadowforge stock, although the influx of fresh stock will eventually force rises here too.

Shadowforge 28mm Blow-up Doll Zombies

Shadowforge Miniatures 28mm BUDZ: Bol-shoi Nadia, deflated BUDZ and repair crew

Shadowforge Miniatures’ latest 28mm releases, the Blow-up Doll Zombies (BUDZ), have arrived at Fighting 15s and are now available in the online shop.

These terrifying harbingers of death were once poor inanimate creatures, mere innocent objects of pleasure, until their deranged and sadistic creator Dr Gitta Lederfetisch gruesomely manipulated and mutated them.

The range comprises two sets of four BUDZ, plus sets for Dr Gitta Lederfetsich, her lieutenant Lady Felicity Merryleather, and her assistant Bol’shoi Nadia.

Unfortunately, the state of the flaccid pound and the firm, proud Australian dollar means that Fighting 15s has had to raise prices on new stock from Shadowforge, and the sets are all £11.00 each including VAT. Prices of other Shadowforge Miniatures will be held until after Salute on 16 April: standard 28mm foot figures will work out at £2.75 each as opposed to the current £2.50, unless something drastic happens to the exchange rate.

Shadowforge scorpions and Dionesians arrive at Fighting 15s

Our latest delivery from Shadowforge Miniatures of Australia has brought into stock a number of its new 28mm releases, including the Temple of the Light scorpion women; the Dionesian centaurs, sythyrs, maenads and minotaurs; and the Dark Temple Guard vestals.

All of the above are now available to buy in the online shop. Please note that we currently have only limited stocks of the scorpion women, although we’ll be submitting an order for more to Shadowforge within the next week.

More goodies from Shadowforge Miniatures

Shadowforge Miniatures: 28mm Gridiron Reserve Line Bunnies

A delivery from Shadowforge Miniatures of Australia has brought into stock the latest additions for the 28mm Temple of the Light range – the Anubis and Horus guards and their respective commands. These figures are available now in the online shop.

Fighting 15s has also filled out some omissions in its stock of the Gridiron range, and now offers the complete range thanks to the arrival of the Reserves for the various teams. Again, these figures are available now in the online shop.

Shadowforge Miniatures: 28mm Temple of the Light Horus Guard

Price rises for Australian ranges

The continuing poor exchange rate of the pound against the Australian dollar means that Fighting 15s has had to enact an immediate price adjustment for 15mm AB Figures, Eureka Miniatures, Laughing Monk and Shadowforge Miniatures.

The pound is currently 67% of its value against the Australian dollar compared with a year ago, and our new prices reflect this drop in value.

Fighting 15s apologizes for the necessity of this increase. Our prices are still set at a level that represents good value compared with buying direct and paying for international delivery and the appropriate import taxes.

If you want to see the arguments behind this increase, please read the discussion at The Miniatures Page. Bear in mind that I work full time on Fighting 15s, and although the business turns over around £67,00o after tax each year, I earn less than £6,000 a year from it.

Shadowforge: 28mm Politburo Worker Battalion

Shadwofroge: 28mm Politburo Worker Battalion

Shadowforge: 28mm Politburo Worker Battalion

Shadowforge’s latest arrivals in the UK at Fighting 15s include the Politburo Worker Battalion.

Codes and details are as follows:

1SCM155 Politburo Worker Battalion Command (4 figures)
1SCM156 Politburo Worker Battalion Support Weapons (4 figures)
1SCM157 Politburo Worker Battalion Infantry (4 figures)

Command and Support packs are GBP9.75 each; the Infantry pack is GBP8.50. Prices include VAT.

Fighting 15s regrets that the worsening exchange rate with the Australian dollar means that prices of most Shadowforge figures have had to rise by about 10 per cent with immediate effect.

Shadowforge 28mm: new arrivals at Fighting 15s

Shadowforge 28mm Temple of the Light Auxiliary Archers

Shadowforge 28mm Temple of the Light Auxiliary Archers

By new, well, we mean they arrived some time ago and family circumstances have only just allowed us enough time to unpack and sort them today. There are new releases, however, in the form of the auxiliary swords and archers for the Temple of the Light range, 1 FALM108 and 1FALM109 respectively. Packs contain six figures and cost GBP12.00 each including VAT.

Not new from Shadowforge Miniatures in the slightest, but new to the Fighting 15s shop is the range of Gridiron teams: female, bunny girl, nun, orc, elf and wicked elf. We’ve been meaning to get these into stock for ages, but they have not really been part of our core subject matter so they’ve not been a priority. Teams start at GBP20.00 inc VAT (GBP30.00 for the orc team), and we also have the management and support packs, plus the referees.

The Australian dollar is not being very kind to the pound at present, but none the less our tax-inclusive prices are still comparable with the tax-exclusive prices at Shadowforge itself. And we charge shipping at cost based on the total weight of items in an order.

Our next order should bring in the new Politburo releases.