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Fighting 15s and Carronade, Triples and Walk the Wight 2014


Fighting 15s would ordinarily be attending Carronade in Falkirk this coming weekend, followed by a short holiday on the mainland and then an appearance at Sheffield Triples the weekend after. This year, however, Fighting 15s’ owner Ian is taking part in Walk the Wight, which falls on the same weekend as Carronade, and which therefore makes attending Carronade impossible.

Walk the Wight is the annual charity walk in aid of the Earl Mountbatten Hospice, the only hospice on the Isle of Wight, and it is the major fund-raising activity of the hospice. The hospice is self-funded and does invaluable work on the island.

The walk, which this year is on 11 May, takes participants from Bembridge in the east to the Needles in the west and covers roughly 27 miles. Ian has done the walk just twice before, making him a considerable lightweight among veteran walkers, and it takes him just under 10 hours.

Ian’s walker number is 2929 and he has a Just Giving page at – any contributions are welcome.

Fighting 15s’ attendance at Sheffield Triples is affected because Carronade and Triples are only economically viable when done together in one trip, and to justify a short holiday as part of that trip.  We will not, therefore, be at Triples this year. Revenues at wargames shows are, alas, falling year on year, and Fighting 15s has decided to limit the number of shows it attends each year, with the main purpose being to meet and talk to old and new customers. Attending fewer shows brings the benefit of allowing the burgeoning internet side of the business to be better served.

On Monday 12 May Ian will largely be unable to move and Fighting 15s will be closed for the day.


Fighting 15s at Salute: urgent news

An incident has left Fighting 15s without the use of its usual vehicle for shows, and although we have an alternative, it does not allow as much stock or display material to be carried.

Therefore, although Fighting 15s will still be at Salute on stand TN18, we will have a greatly reduced selection of stock, and may not have our display cases.

Our usual vehicle should be repaired by Monday afternoon, the earliest time for which even an urgent appointment could be arranged.

Fighting 15s

Fighting 15s: Last call for orders for Salute 2014

Salute 2014 is upon us and Fighting 15s will be setting off early on Friday 11 April to head for the show. The last day for advance orders for Salute is therefore Thursday 10 April, ideally before 12 noon, when we will devote our time to last-minute orders and packing the car. Our last casting session for advance orders for Salute will be Wednesday 9 April.

Fighting 15s is on stand TN18 along with our usual companion and partner in Oozlum Games, Black Hat Miniatures. Nic Robson of Eureka Miniatures is on stand TL01, so as usual there will be a short trek between the two stands of the Eureka empire. Next year we hope to be together!

Fighting 15s will have only a selection of 28mm figures from Eureka Miniatures and the 15mm Science Fiction range from Oddzial Osmy with us at the show. This is a last-minute change based on another trader’s announcement and the presence of other traders, which means taking one of our popular lines no longer makes sense.

Fighting 15s will not have 20mm or 15mm AB Figures, any of the other sizes from Eureka Miniatures, the 1:600 ranges from Oddzial Osmy, nor Shadowforge Miniatures at the show. These figures will be available only to advance order. We have made this decision based on available space in the car and the sales performance at shows, not online, over the past year. Online sales patterns are very different from what customers have been buying at shows.


Fighting 15s’ shows schedule for 2014

This year Fighting 15s will attend only Salute (12 April 2014, ExCel London) as a trader, in conjunction with Black Hat Miniatures.

Fighting 15s will have only 28mm figures from Eureka Miniatures and Shadowforge Miniatures at Salute: we will not have any 20mm or smaller figures. Advance orders for Salute are therefore essential, particularly for 15mm AB Figures, and there is an option in the shopping cart to collect orders placed online at the show.

Fighting 15s’ show season for 2014 has been severely scaled back because of the increasingly poor economics of attending many wargames shows. Internet sales continue to be buoyant, and a reduced show schedule will have the benefit of enabling Fighting 15s to better serve its online customers.


Meet Eureka’s Nic Robson at Derby World Wargames

Fighting 15s is delighted to report that Nic Robson, owner of Eureka Miniatures, will be on the Fighting 15s stand at Derby World Wargames this weekend on the Saturday of the show (28 September).

If you have questions for him, or simply want to find out what is coming out of Eureka in the near future, pop along for a chat. Nic will be picking up new sculpts on his visit to the UK and may well have some greens of forthcoming figures on display.

Or, if you can only make the Sunday, pop along to see if Ian of Fighting 15s does a reprise of last year’s invisible chair routine.


Fighting 15s at Colours 2013: Eureka Miniatures 18mm SYW


Above is the advert that should have appeared in the Colours show guide and issue 365 (September 2013) of Miniature Wargames. Unfortunately, because of an error in Miniature Wargames’ ad production, the wrong advert will appear.

The above advert was to be used to key in to a new display of Eureka’s 18mm Seven Years War figures at the show, on which I have been working all summer. I am keen to promote this range now that it is being cast in the UK under licence, allowing me to reduce the prices, and advertising in the Colours issue of Miniature Wargames was a vital part of drawing wargamers’ attention to the range.

Over the past 24 hours there has been a moment of, shall I say, uncharacteristic fiery incandescence on my part directed at Miniature Wargames’ outsourced ad sales team at Media Shed. Editor Henry Hyde, however, rang me this morning, having talked to the publisher, and has settled the matter to my satisfaction.

So, I will be at Colours on 14 and 15 September, as usual with Black Hat Miniatures up on the first floor. I will have painted examples of Eureka’s lovely 18mm SYW figures on display in the cabinets. I will even have stock of the range at the show, but as usual the advice is order in advance to guarantee that I have what you want at the show.

Owner, Fighting 15s

Fighting 15s: Collect at Colours option now in cart

There is now a “collect at Colours” delivery option in the Fighting 15s shopping cart for customers who want to order online and collect at Colours in Newbury on 14 and 15 September. Customers can pay in advance through the shopping cart or select Telephone Payment or Cheque Payment  to pay in cash on the day.

Please note that this delivery option is subject to our terms and conditions relating to collecting at a named show.

An item that cannot be obtained in time for Colours will not be put on back order, and the value of the item will be refunded if payment has been made in advance.

Fighting 15s: Advance orders for Colours 2013

Eureka Miniatures: 28mm Modern French Foreign Legion

Eureka Miniatures: 28mm Modern French Foreign Legion

With just six weeks to go until Colours at Newbury Racecourse (14-15 September), it’s time for Fighting 15s’ customers to think about advance orders for collection at the show.

This year advance orders will be more important than ever, because Fighting 15s is changing its approach to shows.

Over the past few years sales at shows have been declining, and the costs of attending shows have been increasing. A number of wargames shows are no longer worth the expense of attending them and accordingly Fighting 15s is cutting back on the shows it attends. Fighting 15s’ overall sales are still good, despite the poor state of the economy, showing the shift in purchasing power to the internet.

Chief among the economics of attending the show is the return on stock taken. This summer has been spent deciding whether to upscale, using a van to carry more stock and taking a larger stand at shows to display more ranges, or downscale, taking only the most popular items and keeping to small stand. The result has been a decision to downscale, on the grounds that upscaling will attain only a temporary increase in sales against a background of continually falling show sales overall.

Starting with Colours 2013, therefore, Fighting 15s will have a stand largely comprising display cases showing samples of the ranges it sells. Stock for sale on the day will comprise only the major sellers, which are 15mm AB Napoleonics and flags, 18mm Eureka Seven Years War, and 28mm Eureka Moderns. The AB Figures and SYW ranges will be in unit and battalion packs only. There may be seasonal variations depending on demo games at shows, and special new releases from Eureka Miniatures. Absolutely anything else must be ordered in advance.

Our remaining shows for 2013 are Colours (Newbury, 14-15 September), Derby World Wargames (Castle Donington, 28-29 September), and Warfare (Reading, 16-17 November).

In 2014 we will be scaling back our show schedule and only definitely plan to attend Salute (12 April 2014, London) and Colours (Newbury, September), which as usual will be in conjunction with Black Hat Miniatures. These are by far and away our two biggest shows.

We will make a decision later in the year about attending Carronade (Falkirk, May), Triples (Sheffield, 17-18 May 2014), Derby World Wargames (Castle Donington), and Warfare (Reading, November). Carronade/Triples depends on the date for Carronade (taking the week off between the shows for a holiday worked very well this year), not because of finances ; Derby and Warfare both depend on sales at this year’s events. In general we would still like to reach customers in the South, London, Midlands, North and Scotland once each year.

Fighting 15s at Phalanx and Valhalla

Fighting 15s is next at Phalanx (St Helens, Merseyside, 15 June) and Valhalla (Farnborough, 16 June). Advance orders can be placed by phone or email up until 11 June. Fighting 15s will not have vast stocks of figures at either show, so advance orders are recommended.

Both shows are among our “at risk” shows for next year, especially if they again clash with the Isle of Wight Festival. Shows are in general getting more expensive to attend but sales at them are falling, and the economics of attending both these shows is now fragile.

Fighting 15s: advance orders for Carronade and Triples

Fighting 15s’ next shows are Carronade (Falkirk, Saturday 11 May) and Triples (Sheffield, 18-19 May). Advance orders are essential in order to ensure that we have what you want at the shows. Fighting 15s travels very light to shows outside the south and leaves a number of ranges behind.

We’ve said it several times but we are away in the week between Carronade and Triples, taking a holiday in Scotland after making it that far north. That means we cannot take advance orders in the week running up to Triples.

The last date for advance orders for both shows is 7 May. We are packing on 8 May and in transit from 9 May.

Fighting 15s is now able to take card payments at shows from customers with Visa, Visa debit, Mastercard or Maestro cards. We now have a chip and pin card reader linked to our phone, so provided that mobile reception is strong enough we will be able to take card payments. Because of the transaction fees involved, we do not give discounts for card payments: cash will earn the usual discount. We no longer take cheques or PayPal mobile at shows.