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AB Figures: 20mm Western Desert British

AB-INB70 Western Desert British infantry advancing

The latest 20mm World War II releases from AB Figures have arrived at Fighting 15s. The releases are:

AB-INB36 Infantry in jerkins – HQ section
AB-INB37 Infantry in jerkins – heavy weapons
AB-INB70 Western Desert British infantry advancing
AB-INB71 Western Desert British infantry prone
AB-INB72 Western Desert British 3in mortar
AB-INB73 Western Desert British company HQ
AB-INB74 Western Desert British Vickers HMG teams
AB-SPA06 US drivers

All are available to buy now in the Fighting 15s shop.


AB-ING74 Vickers HMG teams

AB Figures: new 20mm WWII Russians

Two new sets of Russians have joined AB Figures’ range of 20mm WWII miniatures: a Katyusha crew (RTS04) and a 120mm mortar set (INS32). These are now both in stock at Fighting 15s.


AB Figures: 20mm Afrika Korps

AB Figures’ latest releases in 20mm are for the German Afrika Korps, adding infantry and more artillery crews to the existing sets. Please note that all Afrika Korps sets have been re-coded and start AB-ING7 – the Fighting 15s site has been updated to reflect this change.

Future releases will include an infantry command set and engineers. These are not yet available in the UK.


AB Figures: 20mm WWII Russians

It’s May Day and AB Figures has released 22 packs of 20mm WWII Russians, which are available to buy now in the Fighting 15s shop. The range includes infantry in caps and helmets, plus support weapons, as well as crews for guns and vehicles.

Please note that the codes for this range have changed since their initial publication by Eureka and AB in the Eureka newsletter. Be careful in the Fighting 15s shop not to confuse AB codes (for example, AB-INSxx) with codes for the recently released 28mm Russians from Eureka (codes 100WWTxxx).


20mm arrivals from AB for October

AB-SPG09 German pioneers

AB-SPG09 German pioneers

The following new releases from AB Figures have arrived in stock at Fighting 15s:

20mm WWII

MIS04 30 cal HMG, with pintle mount for jeeps
MIS05 50 cal HMG, with pintle mount for jeeps
SPA05 US Engineers
SPB15 British Flamethrowers
SPG09 German Pioneers
SPG10 German Feldgendarmerie
TCA05 US M16 crew
TCA06 US M10 crew

Contents of packs and prices are as detailed on the Fighting 15s site.

Fighting 15s has added a sort option on its web site’s product pages, which will, for example, help bring the latest of our new arrivals to the top of the page.


20mm AB Figures: Fallschirmjager

20mm AB Figures: Fallschirmjager officers and radio ops

20mm AB Figures: Fallschirmjager officers and radio ops

Fighting 15s now has in stock the re-released 20mm Fallschirmjager from AB Figures. This is the second release from Eureka Miniatures of AB’s 20mm WWII range, which is being cast using new production moulds. The third release, the SS, should be with Fighting 15s sometime after Salute.


Oddzial Osmy 1:600 releases for July

The latest releases in Oddzial Osmy’s 1:600 (3mm) moderns and WWII ranges have arrived at Fighting 15s and are available now in the online shop. The releases include the first figures in the WWII British range, and in the moderns the long-awaited A10 Thunderbolt.

Packs are priced at GBP2.25 and contain 15 vehicles or 8 aircraft. The codes are as follows:


US-634 A10 Thunderbolt II (Warthog) ground attack plane
US-635 OH58D Kiowa Warrior light recon-attack helicopter


WWH-631 Messerschmitt Bf-110C two-engine fighter

WFR-619 Renault R40, modified version of R35 tank

WBR-600 Matilda I infantry tank, used by BEF in 1940
WBR-601 Matilda II infantry tank, famous “Queen of the Battle”
WBR-602 Hawker Hurricane Mk I, standard early war British fighter