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Oddzial Osmy’s releases for October 2016

MN-643 MB-339A

MN-643 MB-339A

Oddzial Osmy’s releases for October have arrived in stock and are now available to buy in the Fighting 15s shop.

The releases are all in 3mm (1:600 scale) and comprise the following:

BW-643 BeobPz M113 and M113 ABRA, German artillery versions of M113
MN-643 MB-339A, Italian trainer/light attack aircraft
SA-6123 T-80U, improved variant of T-80
SA-6124 T-14, latest Russian tank

WBR-673 Stuart Recce, turretless scout version of M3A3
WIT-629 Semovente 90/53, Italian self-propelled 90mm gun
WJA-623 Type 89 Chi-Ro, Japanese medium tank
WWH-6117 SdKfz 6, German half-tracked vehicle and artillery tractor

Packs are currently priced at £2.95 including VAT, with details as described on the Fighting 15s website.

As usual, the releases are listed for a short time in the New Arrivals section of the site.