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15mm Italian War of Independence 1848 from Aude


We have the first figures in stock in Aude's 15mm Italian War of Independence 1848 range. Packs contain 24 figures including command – enough to make one regiment of two battalions, according to Aude.

Initial releases are line infantry, granatieri and bersaglieri for the Kingdom of Sardinia, and jagers for the Austro-Hungarians. We shortly hope to have cavalry and artillery for Sardinia, and infantry and artillery for the Austro-Hungarians.

Packs are GBP9.50 each.

15mm Flags for AB: new releases

The first of our new releases in the 15mm Flags for AB range are now available: Brunswick 1815, and Saxony.

The Brunswick flags provide 2 flags for each of the three line battalions in 1815, plus two other designs that may have seen use.

The Saxon flags include the 1802 infantry pattern for the 1806-09 campaigns, and the 1810 pattern. The 1810 pattern suits the existing Saxon figures from AB; the 1802 pattern suits the forthcoming 1806 Saxons from Eureka. Cavalry flags are also available. The Saxon flags are in the Confederation of the Rhine section.

All sheets are priced at GBP3.00 each.

We will be further expanding the Flags for AB range, with flags for Hanover and the Dutch-Belgian forces in 1815 intended as the next releases.

AB Figures: French Imperial Guard

Our stock of 15mm AB French Imperial Guard has arrived, bar a few codes (no AB-IG15 for example).

The next nation due in from Eureka is the 1812-15 Prussians, and then probably the 1812-15 Russians. The Prussians should be here in about a month, the Russians somewhat later.

We still have absolutely no stock of the minor nations (Confederation, Grand Duchy, Brunswick etc), Britain, Spain, or Portugal, and completion of orders for these figures and for the Prussians and Russians above still takes about five to six weeks.

Flashing Blade: Cavalry and artillery releases

We now have initial stocks of Flashing Blade's new releases for its 10mm 1815 Napoleonics line.

British arrivals include Life Guards, Heavy Dragoons, Scots Greys and Light Dragoons, plus artillery crew and guns. On the French side are Cuirassiers, Carabiniers, Dragoons, Hussars, Lancers, Guard Chasseurs a Cheval, Guard Grenadiers a Cheval and Guard Lancers.

All cavalry packs are GBP3.50 and contain 12 figures; artillery packs contain 12 crew or 3 cannon and cost GBP1.75. Owing to demand, stocks of some codes are limited (no Scots Greys or French Dragoons), but we should be fully stocked shortly.

Fighting 15s: Back from Valhalla

It is mid-Monday afternoon and we have arrived back from Valhalla. Orders placed since last Thursday for which we have the figures in stock may not go out until tomorrow (Tuesday).

Valhalla was very quiet, and despite some welcome attention from the organising club's members in the Oddzial Osmy 1:600 range, we will be giving strong consideration as to whether it is worth including in next year's line-up of shows.

Eureka 40mm Four Musketeers additions

The scene stealing extras set is now available. The set includes a splendidly ornate well (resin and metal), six figures (Constance, Monsieur Bonancieux, Planchet, a hired blade and two serving wenches), and more scenery. A pack of dropped weapon and stun markers is available separately. The rules, And One For All, have been revised and are available here (see Links, Rules) along with a scenario, Capture of Constance. The set is GBP31.75; the markers, GBP3.50.


Eureka 28mm Apes in Space & Strike Force G

Eureka's 28mm Apes in Space, starring Aperella, and gibbon Strike Force G are now available in the shop in the Boiler Suited Apes range. We apologise for the length of time it has taken to get both these items in stock – we've been waiting for supplies of the Aperella set. The indiviual codes for the Gibbons in Strike Force G are now in the shop, but you'll get a better price buying the set!

Eureka consignments

We received consignments 0055 and 0056 on Friday afternoon and are fulfilling orders from these as fast as possible. The arrival of two consignments at once always causes difficulties, and fulfilling back orders will inevitably delay the dispatch of other orders placed this weekend or early this week.