Fighting 15s


Fighting 15s: Turning little men into soldiers

Fighting 15s is a mail-order wargames figure supplier run by Ian Marsh (Oozlum Games is the publishing arm of the business). Ian is a former editor of White Dwarf, having worked on the roleplaying magazine from 1984 to 1986. Fighting 15s is based on the Isle of Wight.

The Fighting 15s shop is hosted by ekmpowershop and is reached at or

We aim to adopt an environmentally friendly approach to our business where possible. Our solar electricity generating system can keep a computer, peripherals and lights running most of the time from spring to autumn. We use environmentally friendly packing materials where possible, although it has now proved difficult to source biodegradable bubblewrap on the Isle of Wight and we have had to switch to conventional bubblewrap. Fighting 15s reuses or recycles packing materials provided in deliveries from other companies.

Fighting 15s is registered for VAT, VAT no GB 917 3277 15.

Updated: 10 September 2015

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