Updated: 23 July 2020

Huzzah! rules

Huzzah! – the first edition of these tactical Napoleonic wargames rules is available here (see links below). The first edition of Huzzah! is free. In spite of the age of these rules, created in 2001 and still going in 2020, they remain largely unbroken since the 2006/2007 revisions and a new revision is some time off. Work at Fighting 15s continues to get in the way of development of both Huzzah! and its grand tactical version, but now we have dropped AB Figures and Eureka Miniatures from our ranges, more time should in theory become available to resume work on rules.

Updates are available on the Gladiator Miniatures and Fighting 15s Facebook pages at and

Huzzah! uses two ordinary six-sided dice throughout and relies on the quality of officers to get their commands moving. As a morale-based game, it makes a feature of the reluctance of men to close with the enemy.

Two-player games are best at division level, with three or four brigades for each player providing an evening’s game. Multi-player games can go much larger, and the command and orders system is written to accommodate multi-brigade up to multi-corps games.

The base units in Huzzah! are the infantry battalion, cavalry regiment and artillery battery, and the rules can accommodate a variety of basing systems.

Four Adobe Acrobat files comprise Huzzah!, all of which are downloadable here for free. You will need all four files to play and get the best understanding of Huzzah!


All files (zipped PDFs):

Huzzah! Book 1: Main Rules v1.11 Huzzah_Book_1 (570K)

Huzzah! Book 2: Army Lists, v1.12 Huzzah_Book_2 (390K)

Huzzah! Book 3: Diagrams & FAQs v1.1 Huzzah_Book_3  (1.2MB)

Huzzah! Playsheet, v1.11 Huzzah_Playsheet (100K)

Huzzah! is copyright 2001, 2020 Ian Marsh and Oozlum Games. Huzzah! is a trademark of Oozlum Games


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