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Fighting 15s gets set to walk the Wight again

I am walking the Wight again on 13 May 2012, raising money for the Earl Mountbatten Hospice – the only hospice on the Isle of Wight. I last did this in 2010, when I raised over £400, largely thanks to donations made by Fighting 15s’ customers.

One of those generous customers is no longer with us, having been claimed way too young by pancreatic cancer. So this year I’m walking partly in memory of him and of the fantastic conversations we used to have about our toy soldiers. And partly I’m walking it again because the hospice does such fantastic work here on the Isle of Wight.

Walking the Wight involves covering the distance from Bembridge airport in the east to the Needles in the west – a distance that if walked in a straight line would involve getting your feet rather wet at the end. It’s around 28 miles, and I plan to cover the distance in about 10 hours. I’ll have a few days to recover and regain use of my legs before heading off for Triples in Sheffield.

I have a Just Giving page for customers to sponsor my walk at: My walker number is 2218.

For more details about Walk the Wight and the Earl Mountbatten Hospice, go to

Fighting 15s: closed 10 to 13 June

Fighting 15s is closed from the afternoon of Thursday 10 June until Sunday 13 June inclusive for the Isle of Wight Festival.

Isle of Wight Festival 2009

The Isle of Wight Festival on 12 to 14 June will take Fighting 15s out of the loop from Thursday 11 June as we take an extended break to enjoy it. We will be closed from midday on Thursday 11 June to about midday on Monday 15 June, when our usual haphazard service of the past nine months will resume.

The event is a pale shade of the 1970 festival that happened just a few miles from where I live, but none the less attracts around 60,000 people. Bands of interest to me this year include The Pixies, The Zombies, The Arcadian Kicks, Neil Young, The Ting Tings, McFly, The Charlatans, The Australian Pink Floyd Show and Killing Joke.

Fighting 15s: back from our summer break

Fighting 15s is now back in action after a break that started on Friday 13 June. We will be dealing with orders placed over the past week as soon as possible. Our post office, however, is still closed until next week, when it reopens in a new location, so we cannot dispatch any orders until Monday 23 June at the earliest.

Please note that a persistent illness contracted in May after Carronade continues to make the odd day miserable for us and, mingled with the more usual hayfever, interferes with the usual smooth running of Fighting 15s.

Anyone who wants to know vaguely what we were up to over the past week can take a trip to: