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AB 1815 French infantry and moulds updates

Fighting 15s has at last received the moulds necessary to cast AB’s 15mm 1815 French infantry under licence.  These cover the codes initially released and not the latest port-aigle and eagle bearer in bearskin..

All the moulds are currently being tested to ensure they run OK (Fighting 15s uses lead-free pewter, which behaves differently from Eureka’s choice of metal) and to build up some initial stock. Codes will be added to the shop soon. Orders for these codes will not be accepted until they are live in the shop.

A defect reported on one variant of AB-SAX01 Saxon infantry marching means that Nic at Eureka is, alas, again remaking the mould for this code. The remade mould should also have on it a variant that was missed off Fighting 15s’ original new mould, which in turn replaced a damaged, 20-year-old veteran of a mould. This one has been a bit of a saga…

As for the new releases for 1815, such as the Young Guard artillery crews, they are all currently on order. Fighting 15s will provide updates once they are in stock.

18mm French camp and limber sets from Eureka Miniatures


Eureka Miniatures has released two sets in 18mm for the French army of the Napoleonic Wars. Both sets are available to buy now in the Fighting 15s shop.

The sets are:

300NFR13 Standing French limber and team 1812-15
300NFR14 French camp 1812-15

The limber set uses a limber from AB Figures (provided), and the figures are compatible in height with AB Figures. Pack contents and prices are as described in the Fighting 15s shop. Plese note that our initial stocks are limited.


New moulds arrive from AB and Eureka

Fighting 15s has received new licensed moulds for AB Figure’s 15mm 1810-14 Saxons and Eureka Miniatures’ 18mm Seven Years War Austrian Cuirassiers. These replace moulds that have worn out. The codes are now restored in the online shop and customers are able to order them again.

The figures affected are SAX02 Saxon Grenadier, SAX03 Saxon light infantry skirmishing and SYW234 Austrian Cuirassier. Our moulds for SAX01 Saxon Fusilier and the Saxon command figures (SAX04 to SAX07) were replaced earlier.

Fighting 15s re-releases 18mm Napoleon in Egypt range

DSCN2659 edit_x600

Earlier this year, Fighting 15s acquired the Napoleon in Egypt range of 18mm wargames figures from Black Hat Miniatures. Reorganization and re-photographing of the range is now complete and Fighting 15s is delighted to announce that these figures are now available to buy in the online shop.

The range is as follows:

NE001 French Infantry in casquet, advancing
NE002 French Infantry in casquet, marching
NE003 French Infantry in casquet, firing and loading
NE004 French Infantry command
NE005 French Infantry elites in bicorne, advancing
NE006 French Infantry elites in bicorne, marching
NE007 French Infantry elites in bicorne, firing and loading
NE008 French Infantry elites in casquet, advancing
NE009 French Infantry elites in casquet, marching
NE010 French Infantry elites in casquet, firing and loading
NE050 French Dromedary Corps troopers (4 figures)
NE051 French Dromedary Corps command (4 figures)
NE052 French dismounted dragoons
NE053 French dismounted dragoon command
NE075 French artillery in bicorne
NE100 Egyptian Fellahin with spears
NE101 Egyptian Fellahin with swords
NE102 Egyptian Fellahin with muskets
NE103 Nizam Provincial Militia advancing
NE104 Nizam Provincial Militia firing and loading
NE105 Ottoman foot command
NE109 Cairo Janissaries
NE110 Cairo Janissaries command
NE150 Mameluks firing
NE151 Mameluks charging
NE152 Mameluk command
NE175 Ottoman heavy artillery

Packs contain eight foot, or four mounted figures, or four crew and one gun (there are options for crew only or guns only). Prices for all codes except NE050 and NE051 are £3.20 including VAT per pack: NE050 and NE051 are £6.40 including VAT. Variants are provided at random.

Fighting 15s intends to expand on the original range in future.



Eureka Miniatures: 18mm WSS Catalonians

300WSS150 Catalonian line infantry marching

300WSS150 Catalonian line infantry marching

Eureka Miniatures’ new 18mm Catalonians for the War of Spanish Succession are available to buy now in the Fighting 15s shop.

The figures are cast to order in the UK by Fighting 15s using licensed moulds provided by Eureka Miniatures of Australia.

Packs of 8 infantry and 4 cavalry are available at £4.00 each including VAT. A pack of four artillery crew costs £2.00 including VAT. Cavalry command figures are available singly at £1.00 each including VAT.

For a while, the figures are also listed in Fighting 15s’ new arrivals section at

300WSS160 Catalonian Migueletes

300WSS160 Catalonian Migueletes

Fighting 15s releases 18mm Austrian SYW infantry flags


Top row: M1745 pattern flags from AUS-F101. Bottom row: M1743 pattern flags from AUS-F102. Shown mounted on wire flagpoles for the purposes of illustration only

Fighting 15s has added two sheets of flags for the Austrian army of the Seven Years War to its range of paper flags.

The sheets, which depict the M1745 pattern infantry flag and the M1743 pattern green infantry flag, have been designed specially to complement the range of 18mm SYW figures produced by Eureka Miniatures and cast by Fighting 15s under licence in the UK. The flags are designed to fit the poles of the standard bearers, giving perfect wrap-round as well as fitting the length of the pole. Although the flags are scaled to suit Eureka’s 18mm figures, they can be used for 15mm figures.

The M1743 or so-called Hungarian flag may have never seen use, but we are aware that some SYW gamers prefer to use it to clearly identify Hungarian units.

Both the M1745 and M1743 flags have been provided with variations in the design.

Sheet AUS-F101 contains the M1745 flags; sheet AUS-F102 contains the M1743 flags. Both sheets have 12 flags and cost £4.00 each including VAT. They are available now in the Fighting 15s online shop.

The Puebla regiment proudly bears its new flags. Figures by Eureka Miniatures

The Puebla regiment proudly bears its new flags. Figures by Eureka Miniatures


AB Figures: new releases in stock at Fighting 15s

15mm AB Figures Imperial French chasseurs a cheval casualty set

Fighting 15s now has in stock the new year releases from AB Figures in 15mm. All are sculpted by Tony Barton. The codes and descriptions are as follows:

AB-KK90 1798-1806 Hungarian fusilier in helmet
AB-KK91/93 1798-1806 Hungarian fusilier command in helmet

AB-IFC25 French chasseur à cheval casualty set – 10 pieces

AB-S25 Spanish cavalry trooper at rest in cocked hat (new sculpt)
AB-S26/28 Spanish cavalry command

AB-PR29 Prussian ADC in hussar uniform

All are available now in the online shop. We still have some stocks of the previous Spanish cavalry, and will supply these to special request only.

Eureka Miniatures 18mm MexAm War additions

Eureka Miniatures 18mm Hussars of the Supreme Power

Fighting 15s now has in stock the recent additions to Eureka Miniatures’ 18mm Mexican-American War range (1846-1848). The releases include the Hussars of the Supreme Power and the Tulancingo Cuirassiers, both of which are now available in the Fighting 15s shop.

Unfortunately, the arrival of our stocks of these figures predates Eureka’s release of the Mexican Irregular Auxiliary cavalry (300MAW69). We will be ordering this code into stock as soon as possible, and adding it to the site when it arrives.

Eureka Miniatures 15mm SF German Stormtroopers

Eureka Miniatures 15mm SF German Stormtroopers

Fighting 15s now has stocks of Eureka Miniatures’ expanded range of 15mm SF German Stormtroopers, and the codes have been uploaded to the Fighting 15s shop.

Price changes for Eureka Miniatures

Fighting 15s has adjusted prices for figures supplied by Eureka Miniatures to account for the worsening of the exchange rate over the past six months.

The exchange rate against the Australian dollar has gone past our safe margins and we are currently getting up to 30 cents less per pound sterling than we used to a year ago, a drop of about 13%. A price rise was inevitable because running costs are increasing, in spite of the economic downturn.

We have always operated with slimmer margins on the prices of Eureka’s 28mm foot figures to keep them affordable, and will largely continue to do so. Because we choose to set slimmer than usual margins, we don’t offer discounts for large orders.

In theory we should now charge  GBP1.65 for every 28mm foot figure from Eureka but instead we have decided that prices for figures from Eureka Miniatures’ traditional wargames lines should rise from GBP1.40 to GBP1.50 for 28mm foot figures, and from GBP 3.00 to GBP3.25 for 28mm mounted figures, inclusive of VAT. We regard traditional wargames lines as those where multiples of figures will usually be bought to make up units, in effect our suppressed price reflects a bulk saving.

However, the prices of the more specialised figures ranges rise from GBP1.40 to GBP1.65 for 28mm foot figures, inclusive of VAT. We regard specialised ranges as figures than usually only sell in singles. For comparison, please note that this results in an equivalent price of GBP1.44 ex-tax, which is still less than the current ex-tax price of any 28mm foot figure direct from Eureka (Eureka’s website shows prices exclusive of tax).

The increase should put us on an even footing until the exchange rate alters significantly either way. And yes, that does mean that prices are likely to drop if the exchange rate with the Australian dollar swings back in our favour.

We have also re-priced the 15mm and 18mm lines, with packs of 8 foot or 4 mounted rising from GBP3.20 to GBP3.40 inclusive of VAT. This is a rise of 6.25%. The ex-VAT price works out at GBP0.37 for an 15mm or 18mm foot figure and GBP0.74 for an 18mm mounted figure, as against GBP0.40 and GBP0.79 ex-tax direct from Eureka.

Prices of 15mm Napoleonic and Ancients from AB Figures have also had to rise to GBP3.80 inc VAT for a pack of eight foot figures, and to GBP4.20 for four cavalry. The ex-tax prices for AB Napoleonics and Ancients are still favourable compared with ex-tax prices direct from Eureka (GBP0.41 for foot, GBP0.91 for mounted against Eureka’s GBP0.45 and GBP0.90 respectively).