Gladiator Miniatures

Gladiator Miniatures is a range of historical wargames figures originally sold by Gladiator Games, run by Bill and Elaine Lucas. It included a fine range of 15mm historicals from Hobby Products of Germany, as well as many additions by Bill and Elaine. Gladiator Games was sold to Mike Lewis of Black Hat Miniatures in 2006, and he added 15mm ranges for the War of Spanish Succession and Sikh Wars: the Gladiator Miniatures name survived only as a logo as part of the Black Hat masthead…

Black Hat decided in 2018 to focus instead on 54mm figures, after acquiring the All The Queen’s Men range of traditional toy soldiers, and sold off its wargames miniatures ranges. Gladiator’s former 25mm figures are now owned by Bridge Miniatures. Fighting 15s acquired Gladiator’s 15mm historical ranges on 15 September 2018 as well as Black Hat’s 18mm Martian Empires range, and the Gladiator Miniatures range was back in production by 22 September. Rather than rebrand, the Gladiator Miniatures name has been resurrected and a new logo based on the old one designed.

Curiously, Bill and Elaine, Mike, and Ian of Fighting 15s all know each other from the fantasy roleplaying scene back in the 1980s, so the figures have not gone far.

Gladiator Miniatures are now cast in lead-free pewter.



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