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Saunders spin casting machines

Saunders Mark V spin casting machine

I’ve starting running a series on my personal blog on the Saunders bob-weight spin casting machines I use at Fighting 15s. I’ve never been able to find out much about the machines, made by the now defunct N Saunders Metal Products Ltd. This is my personal experience of using them to get the best results, and the articles have been prompted by the acquisition of a second machine that needs repairing and refurbishing. Other users’ mileage may well vary.

Part 1, introducing the machine, is at:

Part 2, dealing with a personal mod to get casting pressure right, is at:

Part 3 looks at repairs and refurbishment. It’s a work in progress and is at

Part 4 looks at a new arrival – a virtually mint Mark V Saunders.

Part 5 will cover casting tips.

Helion & Co 28mm 1866 Prussians

Fighting 15s has shipped the first production castings of Helion & Co’s new Seven Weeks War 1866 range of 28mm Prussians.

Online sales of these figures are handled through Helion & Co at Fighting 15s only casts this range under contract and it will not be available through the Fighting 15 shop. The range will be on sale at Salute on 19 April through Caliver Books.