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Fighting 15s releases 15mm Ancien Régime flags


Fighting 15s  has released 30 sheets of 15mm paper flags for Ancien Régime infantry. The flags are suitable for French infantry from the Seven Years War right up to the Revolutionary Wars.

Each sheet costs £4.00 including VAT and sheets typically contain 12 flags – six white Colonel’s flags and six coloured Ordonnance flags. Flags are in Fighting 15s’ new shaded style, introduced for the Austrian Seven Years War infantry flags, and the stitching has been emphasised on the Colonels’ flags so they look more than just a white flag.

The flags have been designed in particular to suit Eureka’s Seven Years War French to give a good fit around the flag staff.

Fighting 15s is in the process of reorganising the flags section of the online shop, and this is the first range of Fighting 15s’ flags to be fully illustrated on the site.


Fighting 15s revises and expands Late Prussian flags

Fighting 15s has revised the 15mm late Prussian flags for the Napoleonic Wars that form part of the Flags for AB range. Our designer has incorporated new research into the existing designs, and at our request also added two sheets that gamers should find useful.

The first of the new sheets, PRU-F07, contains flags for the reserve infantry regiments to the design authorized in 1814. The flags were not actually issued until after Waterloo, mostly in September 1815, but gamers who want to give their reserve regiments the flags that most clearly indicate their status may well appreciate the addition.

Sheet F08 now contains black flags for landwehr regiments – a mixture of black and white designs featuring the Maltese cross. Previously our landwehr flags had only one black and white design: this flag, and the previous colour landwehr/reservist flags are now on sheets F09 and F10.

Sheets are all priced at £3.50 including VAT and include 8 infantry flags (sheets F11 and F12 contain 12 and 13 cavalry flags respectively).

Orbat series adds French and Spanish flags for Albuera and Fuentes de Onoro

As well as redesigning the 15mm Spanish flags for the Napoleonic range, our designer has completed the flags required for Fuentes de Onoro (3 to 5 May 1811) and Albuera (16 May 1811) with the addition of French and Spanish flags, plus a sheet for the famous Light Division.

The Order of Battle series of 15mm Flags for AB allows gamers to easily buy all the required flags for particular historic formations on a few sheets rather than trying to create them with, in particular for the French, the more generic regimental flags. The French flags for the two battles provide appropriately numbered flags for participating regiments and their battalions. The Spanish flags have suitable city or provincial crests to suit the regiments.

The Light Division sheet provides flags for the 1/43rd,1/52nd, 2/52nd and 17th (2nd Elvas) regiments, making it suitable for engagements from 1810 to 1814.

Full details of the orbat flags are in the Fighting 15s online shop. Sheets are £4.00 each. Fighting 15s aims to have these flags available at Salute on Saturday 16 April, stand TK19.


Flags for AB expands and revises Napoleonic Spanish standards

Our designer has been hard at work revising and expanding the 15mm flags for the Napoleonic Spanish, tying in regional and city crests with regiments, and adding standards for volunteer and militia regiments. The new line-up of Spanish flags in the Flags for AB range is now as follows (most flags are the 1768 pattern):

SPA-F01: Aragon, Borbon, Cordoba and Soria line infantry, 8 flags

SPA-F02: 1st or 2nd Cataluna light infantry, Cantabia, Leon and Principe line regiments, 8 flags

SPA-F03 Estremadura, Reina, Toledo and 2nd Valencia line regiments, 8 flags

SPA-F04: Murcia and Valenca line regiments; 1808 Hibernia or Irlanda, and Ultonia regiments, 8 flags

SPA-F05: De la Princesa regiment, Imperial Alejandro infantry 1814, Reding’s regiment, Preux’s regiment, Portillo light infantry, Torrero light infantry, Campo Sgorbino cazadores, Valencia cazadores, 8 flags

SPA-F06: 2nd and 4th Tercios de Migueletes de Cataluna, 1st and 5th Murcian Volunteer regiments, 8 flags

SPA-F07: Ordenanza of the Tercio Saguntino, 1st Murcian Volunteer Tiradores, Volunteers of St Peter’s Mountian, Volunteers of Ciudad-Rodrigo, Royal regiment of artillery, Royal Troop of Sappers and Miners, 8 flags

SPA-F08: Royal Spanish Guards, Royal Walloon Guards, Royal Italian Guards, Royal Swiss Guards, 10 flags

SPA-F09: Guardia de Corps company flags, Squadron standards for line cavalry regiments Alcantara, Calatrava, Del Principe, Espana, Farnesio, Montesa, Reina, Rey, Santiago, 12 flags

SPA-F10 Carabineros Reales, Squadron standards for line hussar regiments Espanoles, Olivenza, Voluntarios de Espana, Squadron standards for line dragoon regiments Almansa, Numancia, Pavia, Reina, Rey, Sagunto, 12 flags

Sheets are £3.50 each including VAT, and are available now in the Fighting 15s online shop.

We have also added to our Orbat range of flags, adding the Spanish army for Albuera. Orbat flags are £4.00 per sheet, but fewer are needed to complete historic orders of battle.

We hope to have these fantastic additions to the range at Salute, stand TK19.

Anglo-Portuguese orbat flags for Albuera and Fuentes de Onoro 1811

Fighting 15s continues to expand the Flags for AB range of 15mm Napoleonic flags with 14 handy sheets covering the Anglo-Portuguese army at Fuentes de Onoro, 3 to 5 May 1811, and Albuera, 16 May 1811.

The release is the first in a range of flags for particular orbats, and is aimed at gamers who want to create historic formations without acquiring a host of potentially irrelevant flags. The flags are slightly more expensive than our usual range, at GBP 4.00 per sheet including VAT, but most offer better value by having more flags than our usual British and Portguese sheets.

The flags are available now in the Fighting 15s shop.

There are 9 sheets of flags for Fuentes de Onoro, and 5 sheets of flags for Albuera. There’s a special offer on all 14 sheets at just GBP 52.00 including VAT – a saving of GBP 4.00, or in effect one free sheet.

Our designer has also discovered more information about Portuguese flags in the process, and we have also updated and revised our Portuguese flags, expanding the range from five to eight sheets. The expansions include flags with special battle honours, later pattern flags, and militia flags.

The new Portuguese flags are GBP 3.50 per sheet including VAT.

Fighting 15s’ flags are laser printed on high quality paper. Instructions on applying them to flagpoles are available on the website.

Fighting 15s completes revised Russian Napoleonic flags

Fighting 15s has enhanced its range of 15mm paper flags for the Russian Napoleonic army by including flags for the third battalions of infantry regiments. Each sheet now has 12 instead of eight flags, and contains flags for two regiments, with one white flag and five coloured flags for each infantry regiment.

Each sheet still costs £3.25 including VAT, and is zero-weighted for delivery in the online shop, so customers can order any number of sheets of flags and still pay only the base delivery charge for an order.

While Fighting 15s exhausts stocks of the old sheets, customers may be provided with two eight-flag sheets to provide the requisite number of flags.

Fighting 15s has changed the make-up of these sheets to cope with the upcoming 200th anniversary of Borodino, for which a number of customers are already preparing. Fighting 15s has in the past been asked about a solution to providing flags for third battalions other than buying a second sheet of flags, and Ian’s response has usually been along the lines of “I’d have to be mad to re-do the entire range”. So certify him. 🙂

Fighting 15s apologizes for not illustrating the flags online: this is to reduce abuse of copyright.

Kleve-Berg and minor German states added to Flags for AB line

Fighting 15s has filled in a few more niches in the Flags for AB line of 15mm paper flags with the addition of three more sheets for the Napoleonic Wars: two for Kleve-Berg and one for the minor German states that provided contingents for the 4th, 5th and 6th regiments of the Confederation of the Rhine (Rheinbund).

The additions are:

CRK-F01 1807 Duchy of Kleve-Berg infantry and cavalry flags

CRK-F02 1809 and 1811 Duchy of Kleve-Berg infantry flags

CRR-F01 1807-1815 4th, 5th and 6th Rheinbund reigments (contingents from Mecklenberg, Anhalt, Lippe, Reuss, Hesse-Kassel, Waldeck-Lippe & Schaumberg-Lippe)

Sheets cost £3.25 inc VAT each and contain at least 8 flags.

British Cavalry Guidons 1801 to 1815

The latest additions to Fighting 15s’ 15mm Flags for AB range are five sheets depicting British cavalry guidons for 1801 to 1815. Even though it’s unlikely that many if any British cavalry regiments carried their colours in the field, and certainly not after 1812, we’ve often been asked whether we will produce the flags.

The new sheets are as follows:

GBR-F34 1st to 6th Dragoon Guards
GBR-F35 7th Dragoon Guards, 1st to 4th and 6th Dragoons
GBR-F36 8th, 9th, 11th, 12th, 13th and 14th Light Dragoons
GBR-F37 16th, 17th, 19th, 21st, 23rd and 26th Light Dragoons
GBR-F38 KGL 1st and 2nd Dragoons, Life Guards 1801 (1st or 2nd regt), Royal Horse Guards, and Life Guards 1815 (1st or 2nd regt, 1st standard, regimental guidon, 3rd and 4th standards)

All sheets contain 12 flags (King’s colour and regimental colour, except the Life Guards 1815, as detailed above), and sheets cost GBP3.25 each including VAT. Please note that AB Figures does not make the appropriate guidon bearers, which have to be converted from figures in the range.

Free 15mm Ney with AB orders in January


15mm AB early Napoleonic Russians in greatcoat

15mm AB early Napoleonic Russians in greatcoat

Customers who order GBP10.00 or more of 15mm AB Napoleonic figures during January will get the newly released Ney figure (AB-SET05), sculpted by Tony Barton, free of charge. This offer is limited to one free figure per customer and only while stocks last: to qualify, orders must be for GBP10.00 or more excluding delivery charges. *** Offer ended: we have shipped our stock of 100 Neys by 26 January. ***

Joining Ney in the new Napoleonic releases from AB are the 15mm early Russians in greatcoat (1805-11), which we had on show at Claymore in August 2008. We stock the following codes, all of which are cast to order under licence in the UK:

AB-ER60 Musketeer in shako and greatcoat, standing
AB-ER62 Musketeer officer, greatcoat
AB-ER63 Musketeer drummer, shako, greatcoat
AB-ER64 Musketeer standard bearer, shako, greatcoat
AB-ER65 Grenadier in shako and greatcoat, standing
AB-ER66 Grenadier officer, greatcoat
AB-ER67 Grenadier drummer, shako, greatcoat
AB-ER68 Grenadier standard bearer, shako, greatcoat

Figures work out at GBP0.45 each including VAT, and are available in the online shop in our usual packs of 8 at GBP3.60 including VAT. Note that ER62 and ER66 are already available in the range as ER20 officer, and therefore are interchangeable as musketeer or grenadier officers.

The following codes are obtainable only to special order. We do not hold stocks of these codes and they will therefore take eight or more weeks to obtain (the figures are cast in Australia by Eureka Miniatures, and will be shipped to the UK in our bulk orders):

AB-ER61 Musketeer in shako and greatcoat, firing and loading
AB-ER69 Fusilier in greatcoat, standing
AB-ER70 Fusilier drummer, greatcoat
AB-ER71 Jager in greatcoat, marching
AB-ER72 Jager in greatcoat, firing and loading

Early Russians in shako are usable right up to Borodino in 1812 because many regiments did not receive the new pattern uniform until later.

Fighting 15s also stocks a full range of 15mm paper flags suitable for the new AB Russians.

Look Sharpe – it’s the Fighting 15s festive special


The Chained Eagle. 15mm Britihs infantry from AB Figures

Flags for AB: The Chained Eagle. 15mm British infantry from AB Figures

In the Sharpe books, to commemorate the capture by Lieutenant Sharpe of a French eagle at Talavera, the South Essex regiment won the right to depict a French eagle in chains on its colours. Our flags designer has interpreted this idea, and the Eagle in Chains is now available in the Flags for AB range for a short time only.

Because we know how wargamers love to duplicate periods across figure sizes, this sheet of paper flags has regimental and King’s colours suitable for wargames figures in 15mm and 28mm sizes (four flags total). The regimental colour depicts the Eagle in Chains on a yellow field; the King’s colour is a standard Union flag with badge and wreath.

The flags are available separately in the online shop at a cost of GBP2.00 per sheet.

The flags are also available free when you buy a special South Essex battalion consisting of 30 or 40 15mm AB British infantry in marching or in order arms poses. Limit of one set of flags per customer.