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15mm Napoleonic Saxon Chevaulegers 1809

NSC-02 Saxon Chevauleger command 1809

NSC-02 Saxon Chevauleger command 1809

Fighting 15s has re-released the 15mm 1809 Saxon chevaulegers formerly made by Oddzial Osmy of Poland. The chevaulegers have been remastered, have new production moulds and now come with one-piece horses, rather than the two-part horses of the originals: riders are still separate from the horses.

Figures are priced at £3.20 for four identical troopers and £1.60 for two command figures, with a standard bearer available as an option for an extra 80p. A unit pack of 12 figures including two command is £9.60. Prices include VAT.

Fighting 15s is in the gradual process of re-releasing all of Oddzial Osmy’s 15mm Napoleonic line. The Saxon chevaulegers join the Krakusi and Russian Cossacks in the line-up of re-releases.

For convenience, the figures are listed in the New Arrivals section of the Fighting 15s website at


Figure comparisons (left to right): AB, Fighting 15s Saxon Chevauleger, Fighting 15s Russian cossack, Old Glory 15s,  a 15mm Joey

Figure size comparisons (left to right): AB, Fighting 15s Saxon Chevauleger, Fighting 15s Russian cossack, Old Glory 15s, a 15mm Joey

Bumper set of new releases from Oddzial Osmy

600 Tornado from oddzial Osmy

BW-623 1:600 Tornado from Oddzial Osmy

Fighting 15s has received its latest shipment from Oddzial Osmy of Poland, containing all the company’s new releases in 1:600 scale for the past three months. All the items are available to buy now in the Fighting 15s shop. The releases include:

1:600 moderns

BW-622 FH70 155mm towed field howitzer
BW-623 Tornado IDS ground attack aircraft

SA-649 MiG-27 Flogger D
SA-650 BM14-16 140mm rocket launcher on ZiL truck chassis
SA-651 MiG-23 Flogger

US-644 M2A2 Bradley IFV
US-645 MUTT TOW, TOW armed jeep
US-646 M35 military truck
US-647 Huey Hog, gunship version of UH1
US-648 M992 FAASV, Field Artillery Ammunition Support Vehicle

1:600 WWII

WBR-617 Marmon-Herrington Mk II armoured car

WFR-623 47mm SA mle 1937 AT gun
WFR-624 Unic P107 half-tracked artillery tractor

WPL-616 PZL P.11c single-seat fighter
WPL-617 PZL.23B Karas (Crucian) Polish light bomber

WSU-616 I-16 Soviet fighter
WSU-617 T34 m.1941

WWH-636 Sdkfz 250 light armoured half-tracked vehicle

Packs contain 15 vehicles, or 8 aircraft or helicopters, and cost GBP2.35 each inc VAT (GBP2.00 ex VAT to customers outside the EU).

Note that our policy on ordering new releases from Oddzial Osmy has changed. Worsening market conditions mean that we now wait until we can put together an order size that justifies shipping costs, rather than just order in the new releases each month. This means we can better weather the poor exchange rate without having to increase prices on this range.

600 Russian I16 from Oddzial Osmy

WSU616 1:600 Russian I16 from Oddzial Osmy

Eureka 18mm Napoleonic British Household Cavalry

Eureka Miniatures 15/18mm Napoleonic British Household Cavalry

Our initial shipment of the new 18mm British Napoleonic Household Cavalry from Eureka Miniatures of Australia has arrived and the figures are now available in the online shop. The figures have been designed to be compatible in height with the large 15mm Napoleonic ranges from AB Figures.

Please note that our stocks are limited, but we have more on the way in our next shipment.

Figures work out at the equivalent of GBP0.80 each, and a unit pack of 10 troopers, 1 officer and 1 trumpeter is available at GBP9.60.

Flags for AB adds 15mm Danish flags, 1780 to 1814

The 15mm Flags for AB range has been expanded with nine sheets depicting Danish infantry and cavalry flags for the period 1780 to 1814.

Sheets cost GBP3.25 inc VAT and include eight flags (except where stated in brackets). Infantry flags include two national flags and two regimental flags per regiment. The codes and descriptions are as follows:

DEN-F01 Guard infantry: Guards and Danish Life regiments
DEN-F02 Guard and line infantry: Norwegian Life Guard and King’s regiments
DEN-F03 Line infantry: Queen’s and Crown Prince’s regiments
DEN-F04 Line infantry: Prince Frederick’s and Fyenen regiments
DEN-F05 Line infantry: Seeland and 1st Jutland regiments
DEN-F06 Line infantry: 2nd and 3rd Jutland regiments
DEN-F07 Line infantry: Oldenburg and Schleswig regiments
DEN-F08 Line infantry: Holstein regiment; Cavalry: Life Guard, probable flags for Jutland Hussars and later Seeland heavy cavalry (12)
DEN-F09 Light dragoons and heavy cavalry: Life, Jutland and Fyenen light dragoons; Life, Seeland, Schleswig and Holstein heavy cavalry (14)

Eureka Miniatures 18mm 1806 Saxon Cavalry

We at last have added Eureka’s 18mm 1806 Saxon heavy cavalry and chevaulegers to the online shop. Although these figures have in theory been available for well over 18 months,  Fighting 15s has been waiting for corrected versions of the command figures for both cavalry types before adding them to the shop. This has taken a long and persistent campaign, but we are pleased to announce that we now have stocks of the modified command figures and are now happy to supply these figures to customers.

Eureka Miniatures releases 28mm Sumerians


The 28mm Sumerians from Eureka Miniatures of Australia are now in stock and available to buy in the Fighting 15s shop. The range includes some stunning two and four-ass battle cars, and a two-ass straddle car (though not of the callipygian sort).

Prices work out at GBP1.40 per foot figure, GBP11.50 for the two-ass vehicles and GBP13.75 for the four-ass battle car. The character set of Gilgamesh, Enkidu and Humbabba is GBP5.50. All prices include VAT at 17.5%.

We hold limited stocks of this new range.

February arrivals from Oddzial Osmy in 1/600th scale


We have just received our latest consignment from Oddzial Osmy of Poland containing the following additions to its 1:600 (3mm) modern and World War II ranges.

1:600 Moderns

SA-648 ZiL-157 – general-purpose military truck
US-641 AH-1G Cobra – early version of Cobra attack helicopter, used in Vietnam War
BW-619 Unimog 1300L – all-terrain light utility truck
BW-620 Wiesel TOW – light armoured vehicle made for airborne forces

1:600th WWII

WSU-610 ZiS-5 truck
WBR-616 Morris AC9 early war armoured car, used in France and North Africa
WFR-621 Citroen-Kegresse P-16 – half-tracked armoured car, obsolete in 1940

All the above items are available now in our online shop. Packs typically contain 15 vehicles or 8 helicopters and cost GBP2.35 each including VAT (or GBP2.00 each to customers outside the European Union).

Oddzial Osmy expands 1:600 WWII Russians range


The latest 1/600th scale (3mm) WWII Russians from Oddzial Osmy have arrived in the UK and are available in the Fighting 15s online shop.

The releases are:

WSU-605 KV2 heavy tank
WSU-606 BA20 armoured car
WSU-607 Russian infantry
WSU-608 Maxim HMGs and PTRD AT rifles
WSU-609 45mm AT gun

Packs contain 15 pieces and cost GBP2.35 inc VAT each (GBP2.00 ex VAT to customers outside the European Union).

One new release joins the US Army in the 1/600th scale Moderns line-up:

US-640 CH46D Sea Knight helicopter

The pack contains six helicopters and costs GBP2.35 inc VAT (GBP2.00 ex VAT to customers outside the European Union).

Eureka releases 28mm Middle Eastern Harem set


Eureka Miniatures has released a 28mm Middle Eastern harem set that has everything you need to recreate the ‘classic’ looking harem in all its sumptuous sensuality.

There are 10 figures in the set, including the Sultan himself, attended by his two current favourites (on musical instrument and water pipe). Other ladies of the harem are bathing, grooming their hair, and feeding their pets, while the whole scene is surveyed by the watchful eyes of two disinterested eunuch guards. There is a bench for the seated figures, and the diorama base includes a sunken bath for the bathing figure. All the figures are cast in white metal and the diorama base and back-drop are made of plastic resin.

The harem set, code 100CIV26, is in stock and is available now in the Fighting 15s online shop. It costs GBP25.00 (inc VAT) or GBP21.28 ex-VAT to customers outside the European Union.

Oddzial Osmy adds Russians to 1:600 WWII line


The first WWII Russian AFVs for Oddzial Osmy’s 1:600 range have arrived in the UK and are now available to buy in the Fighting 15s online shop.

The initial releases are as follows:

WSU-600 BT5
WSU-601 BT7M
WSU-602 T26 m 1933
WSU-603 T34 m 1940
WSU-604 KV1

Packs contain 15 vehicles and cost GBP2.35 inc VAT each (or GBP2.00 ex VAT per pack to customers outside the European Union). Next month’s releases should add Russian WWII infantry, the KV2 and BA20 among others.

Joining the 1:600 moderns range are the following packs:

SA-647 Mi-17 Hip H
US-639 OH-6A Cayuse

Each pack of helicopters contains 8 pieces and costs GBP2.35 inc VAT.