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Huzzah! Miniatures available to advance order

The Fighting 15s online shop now lists the initial codes of Huzzah! Miniatures range of classic 30mm Seven Years War figures. Figures, which include Prussian-style musketeers and grenadiers, are currently available to advance order as the figures have yet to be officially released.

Pictures of the figures currently only exist for the special bargain packs for gamers who use the old school wargames rules Charge! or The War Game. Huzzah! Miniatures is still at work on production moulds and pictures of individual figures of the range.

Prices of foot figures have been fixed at GBP0.70 per foot figure and GBP2.10 for the mounted officer. The base infantry pack coupled with a command pack for Charge! reduces the cost to the equivalent of just over GBP0.65 per foot figure including VAT.

The first 12 sheets of 30mm Prussian flags for the range is also available in the shop. Flags have been designed neatly to wrap round the flagpoles of standard bearers in the Huzzah! Miniatures range of classic 30mm figures.

Classic 30mm wargames figures are old school wargames figures of comparatively slim build that measure 30mm from head to foot.

Old School Miniatures blog

A blog about the Huzzah! Miniatures 30mm Old School Miniatures project now exists to give updates and details about this range of figures. The blog is at: