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Huzzah! Glorious Empires: Basing



Here are two taster pictures of formations in Huzzah! Glorious Empires, the grand tactical Napoleonic rules based on Huzzah! Work on the rules is progressing with the aim of publishing them later this year.

The Yahoo! group for the rules, formerly known as Huzzah! GT, is at:

The latest version of the rules for playtesting will shortly be uploaded to the group, along with more beta-version army lists.

Martian Empires Venus supplement

The Venus supplement for Martian Empires is at first proof stage, and Mike is currently checking it over. We still have pictures to take and some maps to get drawn.

The supplement, working title From Venus With Love, includes:

History of the Anderson expedition to Venus
Lizardmen army list
Two scenarios
Revised British army lists taking in errata
FAQs and errata

I believe Mike intends it to be available as a free PDF. Mike will also no doubt think of a better title than one I pinched from The Avengers.

Designing something in anger again has sparked renewed my enthusiasm for print editions of the Huzzah! Napoleonic rules. I am currently looking at the fast-play grand tactical edition again (project title: Huzzah! GTx) with a view to publication, particularly as it would suit the forthcoming 3mm Napoleonics from Oddzial Osmy. The rules for this are complete and work, but the army lists need knocking into shape. It’s conceivable that something may be available by the time the 10th birthday of Huzzah! comes around.


Huzzah! Napoleonic rules walkthrough

Sean Brady has very kindly uploaded a five-and-a-half turn walkthrough of a game of Huzzah! to the Yahoo! group. It is one of those things I’ve been meaning to do, and am hoping to include in the next edition of the game (which is still being laid-out and edited).

Group members can access the file at – and don’t be put off by Sean’s use of the words “excruciating detail” – it’s a good read, made easier with some light humour. It also illustrates the perils of playing in the garden.

Huzzah! is Oozlum Games’ set of tactical rules for Napoleonic wargames, which has been available free on the web as a PDF since 2003. The next edition will be available only in printed form.

Martian invaders overwhelm Surrey


Martian Empires has arrived back from the printers, and Mike now has boxes of the rules overwhelming his office in leafy Surrey. The rules are available to buy from the Black Hat Miniatures website and will also be available at Warfare in Reading.

Mike and Black Hat Miniatures are handling all sales of these rules, which will not be available though the Fighting 15s or Oozlum Games websites.