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Fighting 15s deletes AB and Eureka posts

Fighting 15s has purged its news blog of almost all posts relating to AB Figures and Eureka Miniatures. This purge covers posts going back to 2005, and the posts affected are in the main announcements of new releases from AB and Eureka, details of price changes and shipping updates for consignments from Australia. Some even relate to products that are no longer available.

Fighting 15s is no longer the agent for AB and Eureka, and these posts have been removed to avoid any confusion about Fighting 15s’ status. Posts relating to the end of the agency or milestones in the agency will remain on the site for now.

Fighting 15s: Brexit update 11 April

In light of the announcement that Brexit is extended until 31 October (or 1 June if the U.K. does not hold EU elections), Fighting 15s reopened today to new orders.

Please note that Ian is on holiday and will not resume work on orders until 16 April at the earliest. Also, Fighting 15s is not currently back-ordering items that are either out of stock or that go out of stock.

15mm flags for Army of Italy and Egyptian campaign


Fighting 15s has expanded its Army of Italy and Egyptian campaign ranges of 15mm paper flags. The new flags replace the sheets originally listed in the Revolutionary Wars section of the Flags for AB range.

The flags suit both 15mm AB Figures and Fighting 15s’ own 18mm Napoleon in Egypt range of figures. The flags are available in a new category of the shop – Fighting 15s Flags – which will include new releases and revised codes to which new pictures have been added.


Fighting 15s’ thoughts on Brexit

Anyone who cares to skip across to my personal blog (The Strange Worlds of Orun hi Kharsan) will find my personal thoughts on Brexit and its effect on small UK wargames businesses such as Fighting 15s.

In an area of debate where politicians of both sides appear to be able to get away with audacious lies about the effects of remaining in the EU or leaving, I have tried to keep simply to the economic facts regarding how VAT and tax collection works across borders where a tax frontier exists. Facts that anyone can check online using official tariff and import guides, rather than relying on a statement by a politician.

I am, of course, pro-Europe and the EU for two main reasons: first, because Fighting 15s trades extensively within the EU to the extent that 45% of Fighting 15s’ business comes from Europe (it’s about 50% from the UK and 5% from outside the EU). Second, my daughter is technically an immigrant in Sweden, and has the ability to live and work there, and pursue her sporting dreams (she ice skates at a very high level for Sweden’s Team Surprise because as an EU citizen she has the right to do so.

Yet I remain proudly British, proud to be a British business actively trading with Europe and making contacts and friends across the continent, and as a result I feel that I and Fighting 15s have a strong British identity within Europe and the EU.

My own view is that Brexit would be economic suicide for the small UK wargames business that trades with Europe, based on the simple effects of VAT and import tax collection outlined at You may well disagree. 😀

Fighting 15s gets set to walk the Wight

On 16 May, Ian of Fighting 15s will be taking a gentle stroll across the Isle of Wight, from one end to the other. The 26.5-mile walk  starts in Bembridge in the east, and finishes at the Needles in the west, allowing Ian to collapse gracefully at least fairly near to home.

Ian is doing the walk mainly because he was talked into doing it and, because he is 50 this year, it seemed worth marking this landmark by doing something special. He has spent the last couple of months going for very long walks in preparation.

Walk the Wight is one of the main fundraising events for the Isle of Wight’s Earl Mountbatten Hospice. The hospice – the only one on the Island – cares for over 800 terminally ill patients each year free of charge, and is maintained by charitable donations.

Ian has set up a Just Giving page at, with the aim of achieving the modest target of £200. Fighting 15s will match this target, if it is hit, with a £200 donation.

Ian’s walker number for the event is 3275.

Oozlum Games: Price cut on Martian Empires rules

Martian Empires, Oozlum Games’ set of Victorian SF rules, has dropped in price from GBP15.00 to GBP10.00. Mike and I have been talking about the price of this set of rules for some time, and as we have virtually covered our printing costs, and because Mike has a whole pile of new releases planned or under way for figures for the game, we have decided the price can drop to stimulate further interest – the Yahoo group already has over 400 members, which is quite healthy, but more are welcome.

I am also still working on putting together the print edition of Huzzah!, which will be Oozlum Games’ next release, probably around the time of Salute 2010. But I have a lot to do to get it to the same standard as Martian Empires on presentation, and to combine the current three volumes into one.

Martian Empires is available direct from Black Hat in the UK and Scale Creep in the US. The price in the US has fallen from USD35.00 to just USD20.00. Martian Empires is also listed in the rules section of the Fighting 15s site.

Obituary: Gary Gygax, co-creator of D&D

I have published a brief obituary on Gary Gygax, who is reported as having passed away, on my personal blog at:

Little Green Men on the Isle of Wight

Further to the Martian invasion of Surrey, we now have little green men of sorts on the Isle of Wight. Orders that are not packed with reused materials are now packed using biodegradable bubble wrap – the green-coloured sort that starts to break down sometime after it has been exposed to light.

We’re pleased to revert to slightly more environmentally friendly packaging for our toy soldiers, having had to give up using the biodegradable packing beads because they would not work with the new slimline boxes. We are aware that the new packing material does not break down in the same way, but it is currently the best solution.

Fighting 15s runs its office equipment on solar and wind power, reuses and recycles packing materials, and uses biodegradable packing materials where possible. Can we claim to be one of the greenest wargames traders?

Martian invaders overwhelm Surrey


Martian Empires has arrived back from the printers, and Mike now has boxes of the rules overwhelming his office in leafy Surrey. The rules are available to buy from the Black Hat Miniatures website and will also be available at Warfare in Reading.

Mike and Black Hat Miniatures are handling all sales of these rules, which will not be available though the Fighting 15s or Oozlum Games websites.

Huzzah! main rules updated

Book 1 of Huzzah! has been updated and is now at version 1.11. Huzzah! is Oozlum Games’ set of free tactical Napoleonic wargames rules. Book 1 is the main rules book. The update is likely to be the last made to the free edition of these rules.

The updated version is available from the Huzzah! page on the Oozlum Games website at

The update includes clarifications on skirmisher superiority (the 5cm increase is not cumulative from turn to turn), and on multiple orders to units and commands (makes it clearer that this is possible). The update also changes the rules about attached officers and orders to units to which they are attached.