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New look for Fighting 15s shop

The design of the shop has been overhauled to bring it more into line with online shops that use OS Commerce. Note that we do not use OS Commerce itself, and the change is just down to clever template editing. The new shop uses Fighting 15s’ colours for a more uniform look, and allows special items to be featured in the side bars.

Organisation of items within the shop is the same as it always has been, with the space-saving two-column layout of categories and products.

One quirk of the new design is that some pictures show smaller than they used to, even when clicked on to obtain a larger image, and we will gradually be replacing these with bigger pictures.

Fighting 15s goes Dutch

We have just added to the range of 15mm Flags for AB with the following Hanoverian, Dutch, and Dutch-Belgian flags:

HAN-F01 Hanoverian Legion, plus Hanoverian infantry 1813-15 (10)
DUT-F01 Kingdom of Holland infantry 1806-10 (8)
DUT-F02 United Provinces infantry 1815 (8)
DUT-F03 United Provinces jagers & militia 1815 (8)
DUT-F04 Holland 1806-10 and United Provinces 1815 cavalry (12)

Flags are GBP3.00 per sheet and contain the number of flags indicated in brackets.

15mm Flags for AB: new releases

The first of our new releases in the 15mm Flags for AB range are now available: Brunswick 1815, and Saxony.

The Brunswick flags provide 2 flags for each of the three line battalions in 1815, plus two other designs that may have seen use.

The Saxon flags include the 1802 infantry pattern for the 1806-09 campaigns, and the 1810 pattern. The 1810 pattern suits the existing Saxon figures from AB; the 1802 pattern suits the forthcoming 1806 Saxons from Eureka. Cavalry flags are also available. The Saxon flags are in the Confederation of the Rhine section.

All sheets are priced at GBP3.00 each.

We will be further expanding the Flags for AB range, with flags for Hanover and the Dutch-Belgian forces in 1815 intended as the next releases.

New logo for Fighting 15s


I’m sure that observant customers have noticed that Fighting 15s has never had a logo since it started in 1999. That has now changed, and the logo will gradually creep into use on products such as Flags for AB.

Fighting 15s health update

As some of you may be aware, I was discharged from hospital recently after the eye department decided my eyes had stabilised sufficiently. I have now had another eye test and should have new glasses in about two weeks which I hope will correct my eyesight. At present, however, it is still taking several hours each morning before my eyes start working together enough for me to concentrate on any task, and I still get completely unexplained dizzy spells at random. If I am somewhat slow in catching up with emails, I apologise; if you keep messages short, and require short answers, I find them much easier to deal with.

I am not currently painting anything commercially. After another year with a few outstanding orders still to complete, I may be at the point where I have to jack in painting altogether – it depends on what the new glasses do for me.


Black Hat Miniatures

As advised earlier, Black Hat Miniatures will be available in the UK and EU by mail order only through Black Hat itself from 24 April. With Salute looming large on the horizon and no real prospect of dealing with any orders for Black Hat figures until 24 April, we have removed Black Hat's listings from the shop. Please go to for further news about the new Black Hat online shop.

Black Hat and Fighting 15s will still be on stands together at shows; a selection of Black Hat figures will also be available at shows that Fighting 15s attends alone, such as Cannonade and Claymore.

Fighting 15s news and advertising

Please note that Fighting 15s has stopped advertising on both The Miniatures Page and Wargames Directory, and that most news announcements will be made here in future. If you want to know what's happening with AB and Eureka in the EU, tune in here.

Huzzah! revised

I have recently revised the first edition of Huzzah!, my tactical Napoleonic wargames rules, to incorporate some more observations by players. The changes are minor and largely clarifications, but one makes a difference to the points system and another makes a difference to sighting the guns in artillery bombardment.

The rules are available for download at

You would think, however, that with figures to sell I should be encouraging games such as General de Brigade instead. 🙂 The remoreseless plugging of rules for figures will have to wait for Huzzah! 2.

Flags for AB

The 15mm Flags for AB and Liebfahne flags, formerly available through AB Figures in the UK, are now in the online shop. There is also a downloadable list in Links. In future we intend to expand this range to fill in gaps in the Napoleonics, and to take it into other periods for which Fighting 15s supplies figures.

The SFSFW Awards 2005

Fighting 15s with Black Hat Miniatures came first in the Best SF Miniatures: 20mm or smaller category of the Society of Fantasy and Science Fiction Wargamers (SFSFW) awards for 2005. As Black Hat's supplier in 2005 Fighting 15s cannot really take any credit for this, as it all belongs to Mike Lewis at Black Hat.

In the same awards, however, Fighting 15s and Black Hat came second to Ground Zero Games in the Best Service from a Wargames Company category (quite literally, therefore, Fighting 15s is second to none!). We feel we can take some credit here as a dispatcher of Black Hat's figures across the globe.

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