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Fighting 15s gets set to walk the Wight

On 16 May, Ian of Fighting 15s will be taking a gentle stroll across the Isle of Wight, from one end to the other. The 26.5-mile walk  starts in Bembridge in the east, and finishes at the Needles in the west, allowing Ian to collapse gracefully at least fairly near to home.

Ian is doing the walk mainly because he was talked into doing it and, because he is 50 this year, it seemed worth marking this landmark by doing something special. He has spent the last couple of months going for very long walks in preparation.

Walk the Wight is one of the main fundraising events for the Isle of Wight’s Earl Mountbatten Hospice. The hospice – the only one on the Island – cares for over 800 terminally ill patients each year free of charge, and is maintained by charitable donations.

Ian has set up a Just Giving page at, with the aim of achieving the modest target of £200. Fighting 15s will match this target, if it is hit, with a £200 donation.

Ian’s walker number for the event is 3275.

Oozlum Games: Price cut on Martian Empires rules

Martian Empires, Oozlum Games’ set of Victorian SF rules, has dropped in price from GBP15.00 to GBP10.00. Mike and I have been talking about the price of this set of rules for some time, and as we have virtually covered our printing costs, and because Mike has a whole pile of new releases planned or under way for figures for the game, we have decided the price can drop to stimulate further interest – the Yahoo group already has over 400 members, which is quite healthy, but more are welcome.

I am also still working on putting together the print edition of Huzzah!, which will be Oozlum Games’ next release, probably around the time of Salute 2010. But I have a lot to do to get it to the same standard as Martian Empires on presentation, and to combine the current three volumes into one.

Martian Empires is available direct from Black Hat in the UK and Scale Creep in the US. The price in the US has fallen from USD35.00 to just USD20.00. Martian Empires is also listed in the rules section of the Fighting 15s site.

Changing currencies in the Fighting 15s shop


Fighting 15s has just added the US dollar to our Worldpay payment system, which means we can display prices in dollars as well as pounds sterling and euros in the shop. The option to change currency appears at the bottom right of the website, as in the picture above.

Prices displayed will still include VAT at 17.5%, which is removed for US customers in the cart on choosing appropriate tax region. So a displayed price of USD3.72 for a pack of Oddzial Osmy 1:600 vehicles, for example, becomes USD3.17 on removal of tax. And a pack of eight 15mm AB infantry at USD5.70 becomes USD4.85 on removal of tax – just over 60 cents a figure. All based on exchange rates current at the time of writing.

Although prices are displayed in currencies other than pounds sterling, final transactions may be carried out in pounds sterling using the live exchange rate at the time. Final transaction value may vary slightly, therefore, from the total displayed.

A reminder that the Fighting 15s shopping cart charges postage at cost based on the weight of the items sent, in weight bands according to Royal Mail banding for large letter or small packet rate.

Eureka 28mm Napoleon at Arcola set

Napoleon at Arcola 1796

Napoleon at Arcola 1796

Eureka’s first release for its new Wars of the French Revolution range, the Napoleon at Arcola 1796 set  (100WFR01), has arrived in stock and is now available in the Fighting 15s shop. The price of this set, which includes a resin bridge and five white metal figures, is GBP15.00.

EM-4 Figure Bases Back in Stock

We have just taken delivery of a new consignment of plastic figure bases from EM-4, and all codes in this line are now back in stock – including the very popular 25mm square base. EM-4 bases are available in our online shop.

Fuel surcharges begin to bite

For the first time our shipping costs from Australia have been hit by fuel surcharges. Delivery costs rose an amount equivalent to a rise of about 1.5p on each GBP1.00 of figures at UK prices. This is not enough to trigger a price rise on figures that we import from Australia, but a price rise will be inevitable if surcharges increase much more.

Sweden joins Nordic range of 15mm Flags for AB

A range of Swedish flags has joined our Danish flags in the Nordic countries section of the 15mm Flags for AB line of Napoleonic flags. Infantry sheets contain 8 flags per sheet (one Liffana, 3 Kompanifana per regiment), and cavalry sheets contain 12 flags. Sheets cost GBP3.25 each including VAT.

Some of the 1686B pattern infantry flags were carried right through to 1813, and a few regiments kept their earlier colours even after Crown Prince Bernadotte introduced a new pattern flag in 1813, allowing for plenty of variety in a Napoleonic Swedish army.

Details of the flags are as follows:

Provincial infantry

SWE-F01 1686B pattern, Åbo-Iän (Turku) regt 1746-1804, Björneboirg (Pori) regt 1752-94
SWE-F02 1686B pattern, Hälsinge regt 1760-1813, Jämtland regt 1736-1813
SWE-F03 1686B pattern, Jönköpings regt 1758-1813, Östgöta regt 1751-1800
SWE-F04 1686B pattern, Savolax (Savo) regt 1747-1813, Södermanland regt 1746-1813
SWE-F05 1686B pattern, Västerbotten regt 1758-1812; 1761 pattern, Kalmar regt 1764-1813
SWE-F06 1761 pattern, Skaraborg regt 1762-1804, Västgöta regt 1766-1800
SWE-F07 1766 pattern, Åbo-Iän regt 1804-09, Älvsborg regt 1771-1813
SWE-F08 1766 pattern, Björneborg regt 1794-1809, Dals regt 1766-1813
SWE-F09 1766 pattern, Hälsinge regt 1813, Jönköpings regt 1813
SWE-F10 1766 pattern, Kalmar regt 1813, Kronobergs regt 1768-1813
SWE-F11 1766 pattern, Nylands (Uusimaa) regt 1772-1809, Södermanland regt 1813
SWE-F12 1766 pattern, Tavesthus (Häme) regt 1804-09, Upplands regt 1771-1813
SWE-F13 1766 pattern, Västerbotten regt 1812, Västgöta-Dals regt 1800
SWE-F14 1766 pattern and variants, Västgöta regt 1808, Royal Swedois regiment 1813-14
SWE-F15 1813 pattern infantry flags

Enlisted infantry

SWE-F16 Disgraced guard regiments: Fleetwood and Paléns regts 1808-9
SWE-F17 Gotheburg garrison regt 1755-1793, Skåne/Pommern regt 1762-1788
SWE-F18 Stralsund garrison regt 1761-1809, Sveaborg garrison regt 1755-1793
SWE-F19 Queen’s Life regt 1783-1802, Queen Dowager’s Life regt 1772-1808

Guard infantry

SWE-F20 1st (Svea) Guard regt 1772-98, 3rd (Finnish) Guard regt 1793-1798
SWE-F21 1st (Svea) Guard regt 1798, 3rd (Finnish) Guard regt 1798-1809


SWE-F22 Jämtland dragoons, Östgöta, Smålands, Norra Skånska, Södra Skånska and Västgota cavalry regiments
SWE-F23 Åbo-Iän, Karelska and Nylands light dragoons; Karelska and Nylands dragoons, 1815 artillery standards
SWE-F24 Bohusläns dragoons, Crown Prince hussars, Life dragoons, Life regiment, Flag of Nobles

We regret that pictures of our range of flags are not available on the web in order to prevent copyright infringement, but we carry the full range of Flags for AB at shows.

18mm Russian Seven Years War from Eureka


Eureka’s 18mm Russian Seven Years War figures are now listed in the online shop. We have limited numbers of the figures in stock as we are gradually building stock levels for this extensive addition to Eureka’s Seven Years War range.

Initially we will be stocking only the marching versions of the infantry. The wagons and limbers will be available only to special order, which means they may take eight or more weeks to arrive.

The Russians follow a different packaging format in the shop from the Prussians or Austrians, and we will be changing these two nations to match the Russians as soon as possible.

Obituary: Gary Gygax, co-creator of D&D

I have published a brief obituary on Gary Gygax, who is reported as having passed away, on my personal blog at:

Wargames figure painter Darren in motorbike crash

Darren Rees, one of our talented figure painters and customers, has phoned to tell us that he has been involved in a crash on his motorbike. Darren has fractured an ankle and his collar bone and is clearly unable to paint toy soldiers until he recovers. He has asked us to pass on the information on the Fighting 15s site because the news affects several of our customers. We are glad to help.

We wish him the speediest of recoveries.