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Lasalle Napoleonic rules back in stock

Fighting 15s has obtained a very few copies of the hardback version of Lasalle, the Napoleonic wargames rules by Sam Mustafa, and the rules are now back in the online shop.

Please note that these rules have been shipped from Australia, and that accordingly they are far more expensive than the copies obtained from the UK agent. However, if you absolutely must have a hardback copy of Lasalle, Fighting 15s can now help you out.

Copies are limited to one per shipping address and/or customer, and anyone interested is recommended to check availability with Fighting 15s before ordering. Orders are fulfilled on a first-come, first-served basis, with online paid-for orders taking priority over cheques.

Huzzah! Book 3 updated


The latest version of Book 3: Diagrams and FAQs for Huzzah! is now available on the Huzzah! page of the Oozlum Games website.

The diagrams have been updated to eliminate red-green combinations to make them easier to see for gamers who suffer from the commonest form of colour-blindness.

An extra page details formations for the Huzzah! universal basing system (square bases), which allows the same basing to be used for tactical and grand tactical versions of the rules. Book 1 will be updated with the complementary details as soon as possible.