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Scale Creep ACW reverts to US-only production

Scale Creep Miniatures and Fighting 15s have by mutual agreement ended the licensing deal by which Fighting 15s produces Scale Creep’s 18mm ACW range in the UK. The range is now only available direct from Scale Creep in the US.

Thank you to all customers in the UK and Europe who have supported this range while Fighting 15s has represented it.

Scale Creep licenses Fighting 15s to cast 15mm ACW range

Fighting 15s is delighted to announce that it is now licensed to cast the excellent 15mm American Civil War figures from Scale Creep Miniatures of the USA.

The deal means that Fighting 15s is now able to offer packs of Scale Creep ACW infantry at GBP2.50 for 8 figures, or GBP7.25 for a unit pack of 24 figures including command, giving EU gamers the opportunity to buy these figures at prices that are comparable with pack prices in the USA. Long shipping times for Scale Creep figures that are out of stock should now be a thing of the past.

Scale Creep’s ACW range is designed to be broadly compatible in height with the large 15mm ACW figures from AB that Fighting 15s also casts under licence. The licensing deal means that Scale Creep figures offer a considerable cost saving, however, for ACW gamers on a budget.

In making the new production moulds for the range, Fighting 15s has taken the opportunity to ruggedize the range so it withstands handling even better.

The range currently comprises infantry in forage cap, slouch hat and Hardee hat. Work has begun on the cavalry and artillery for the range, and we hope to have information about new releases in the near future.

The figures are available now in the Fighting 15s shop.

Prices cut on Scale Creep ACW figures

We hope to be making a special announcement about the availability of Scale Creep Miniatures’ 18mm (large 15mm) ACW range in the UK in the very near future. In the interim, we have dropped the prices of figures in this range so that packs of 8 infantry cost GBP2.50 (previously GBP3.00), and unit packs of 24 infantry including command now cost GBP7.25 (previously GBP9.00). Prices include VAT at 17.5%.

Now while there may be some speculation about what exactly we are going to announce, a price cut is good news in any gamer’s book. Packs are now available at the new prices in the online shop.

Scale Creep’s ACW figures will be available at Salute, mainly in unit packs, from Fighting 15s on stand TC09, where you will be able to compare them first hand with equivalent stature 15mm ACW figures from AB.

Scale Creep 15/18mm ACW in stock

Scale Creep’s initial releases in its new range of 18mm (large 15mm) ACW figures are now in stock and available in the Fighting 15s online shop.

Releases include nine packs of infantry, three packs of infantry command, six infantry regiment packs, and the Chancellorsville vignette. We will be getting in the bare-headed infantry, cavalry and artillery, as they are released.

The arrival of the figures means that we have been able to do a size comparison with AB’s own large 15mm ACW figures (ex-Polly Oliver). As far as the infantry goes, there’s not much in it, and we’re fairly confident that you can use the Scale Creep figures alongside those from AB.

Packs of eight figures are GBP3.00, regiments of 24 figures including command are GBP9.00, and the vignette is GBP3.35.

Scale Creep 15mm American Civil War figures

Scale Creep's new range of 15mm ACW figures is available in the shop for advance orders. The range is now due for release around mid-July and we hope to have stock shortly afterwards.

The range currently comprises infantry only, with cavalry and artillery due later in the year. The first vignette will be available slightly after the infantry. Sculptor Alan Marsh has ranges such as Eureka's 18mm Napoleonics to his credit, so the quality of these figures should easily live up to the pictures.

Advance orders will be supplied as soon as the figures come into stock. We recommend that you use the 128-bit secure server option for payment because we can then process an order manually and charge for the figures only when they become available.