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Huzzah! main rules updated

Book 1 of Huzzah! has been updated and is now at version 1.11. Huzzah! is Oozlum Games’ set of free tactical Napoleonic wargames rules. Book 1 is the main rules book. The update is likely to be the last made to the free edition of these rules.

The updated version is available from the Huzzah! page on the Oozlum Games website at

The update includes clarifications on skirmisher superiority (the 5cm increase is not cumulative from turn to turn), and on multiple orders to units and commands (makes it clearer that this is possible). The update also changes the rules about attached officers and orders to units to which they are attached.

15mm flags for Baden, Hesse-Darmstadt and Westphalia

The latest additions to our 15mm Flags for AB range of Napoleonic flags include sheets for Baden, Hesse-Darmstadt and Westphalia. Sheets are GBP3.00 each and they are available now in the online shop.

Codes and contents are as follows:


CRB-F01 1st to 4th infantry, light dragoon squadron, hussar regiment and Guard du Corps (13 flags)


CRH-F01 1803 pattern Leib-Garde and Leib regiments (8 flags)
CRH-F02 1803 and 1804 pattern Erbprinz regiment, 1770 pattern Leib-Garde Pferde (8 flags)
CRH-F03 1814 pattern infantry regiments (10 flags)


WPH-F01 1808 pattern 1st to 4th infantry (8 flags)
WPH-F02 1808 pattern 5th to 6th infantry, 1808 guard infantry, 1811 jager-carabiniers (7 flags)
WPH-F03 1810 pattern 1st to 5th infantry (11 flags)
WPH-F04 1810 pattern 6th to 9th infantry (9 flags)
WPH-F05 1813 pattern 1st to 4th infantry (8 flags)
WPH-F06 1813 pattern 5th to 8th infantry (8 flags)
WPH-F07 1813 pattern 9th infantry; 1812 pattern guard infantry (7 flags)
WPH-F08 1808 to 1813 line and guard cavalry flags (14 flags)

Forthcoming projects include Switzerland and the Scandinavian nations of Denmark, Finland and Sweden, completion of which will provide good coverage of the flags of major nations and minor states in the Napoleonic wars.