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Orders during half-term

It’s the half-term holidays and therefore orders may take longer than usual to process because of greater family commitments, as passing my driving test appears to mean that I have become a taxi service for my daughter.

Please also be aware that hospitals are still figuring  in my weekly schedule as tests on my wife continue during her recuperation from her treatment for leukaemia, and recent visits have taken chunks out of my working week and therefore affected my ability to process orders quickly.

I do not expect to make much headway with orders this week until Thursday.

British Cavalry Guidons 1801 to 1815

The latest additions to Fighting 15s’ 15mm Flags for AB range are five sheets depicting British cavalry guidons for 1801 to 1815. Even though it’s unlikely that many if any British cavalry regiments carried their colours in the field, and certainly not after 1812, we’ve often been asked whether we will produce the flags.

The new sheets are as follows:

GBR-F34 1st to 6th Dragoon Guards
GBR-F35 7th Dragoon Guards, 1st to 4th and 6th Dragoons
GBR-F36 8th, 9th, 11th, 12th, 13th and 14th Light Dragoons
GBR-F37 16th, 17th, 19th, 21st, 23rd and 26th Light Dragoons
GBR-F38 KGL 1st and 2nd Dragoons, Life Guards 1801 (1st or 2nd regt), Royal Horse Guards, and Life Guards 1815 (1st or 2nd regt, 1st standard, regimental guidon, 3rd and 4th standards)

All sheets contain 12 flags (King’s colour and regimental colour, except the Life Guards 1815, as detailed above), and sheets cost GBP3.25 each including VAT. Please note that AB Figures does not make the appropriate guidon bearers, which have to be converted from figures in the range.

Better shopping with Fighting 15s

The redesign of the Fighting 15s online shop has meant we have been using the shopping cart to test the site. Customers may find that browsing through the hierarchical structure of categories and products can be slow, although it’s the best way to organize how our products and ranges are presented so they are easy to find.

There are ways of speeding up the shopping experience, and we have posted the essence of this news item as the lead item in our FAQs.

If you are shopping for items in a particular range, then once you know the base codes you can use the Search function to have other options displayed.

For example, if you have one item from the AB Imperial French range in your cart, such as code AB-IF01/24, you can display other figures in that category by searching for AB-IF  and having all the results displayed in a list. You can further reduce the number of products displayed by searching for partial codes such as AB-IF0, AB-IF1, AB-IF2, or AB-IFC

Or in the shopping cart you can click on the product name of the item you last bought to be returned to that item, and then use the hierarchical menu at the top to return to the category.

For example, if the cart displays AB-IF01/24, rather than click on the continue shopping button and return to the home page, click on the item title in the cart to be returned to the product page, in this case for AB-IF01/24. Once there, click on the hierarchical menu at the top to go back one or even two or more categories (in this instance the hierarchical menu reads: Home > AB Figures & Flags > 15mm > Napoleonic Wars > French > Infantry > Line Infantry 1806-1812 >. This will get you back to the category you were last in faster – you’ll do it in just two clicks rather than seven, and get around the online shop far quicker.

Eureka 15mm French Indo-China War figures

Eureka’s 15mm French Indo-China War figures are now available to buy in the online shop.

We have introduced a new way of buying the figures: some of the basic infantry codes are available as single figures, as well as in packs, to allow more flexibility in compiling units. These single figures are zero-weighted for the purposes of calculating delivery charges, and instead their prices factor in the average delivery charge for all orders at Fighting 15s. This overcomes the limitations of the weight-based shopping cart, which can only operate in 10g increments. The shopping cart will still charge the base delivery charge; it’s simply that single figures won’t increase this charge.

Single-figure codes in the French Indo-China War range that are zero-weighted are prefixed E15ICW; packs and items that have weights assigned use the usual Eureka prefix of 300ICW.

Please note that stocks of these figures are limited and that we may have to obtain them to special order, in which case delivery may take eight or more weeks.

New look website for Fighting 15s

Fighting 15s' new website

Fighting 15s‘ redesigned website is now in place and we hope you find it even easier to use and navigate than the previous osCommerce-like design. A number of elements have been shifted to the page menu at the top of the site, making essential information easier to find, and the rest of the site has been simplified.

A mini-shopping cart now heads the top left-hand column, with easier to find currency  options for UK, US and EU customers.  We have kept the navigation system the same in essence, but products now run in four columns across the page, rather than two, which should reduce the depth of some shop pages.

We now have a separate news page populated by our RSS news feed from the Oozlum Games website. The separate page should eliminate some page-loading issues caused by the old design constantly refreshing the headlines at each navigational step. But it does mean that you can’t see at a glance whether the news has been updated.  

We have to go through all the images at some point to make them better suited to the design, so they fit the product boxes better. So in short, some product images will not be displayed at their best for some time to come. No doubt there will be other teething problems.

The core of the shop is still the same: the site is still hosted by ekmpowershop, it’s just we now have a custom template for the design. The cart, therefore, behaves in the same way.

Orders and deliveries, latest news

Fighting 15s has a shrinking number of backorders for figures that are out of stock or available to special order. Most customers will have received most of the figures for their orders; very few are waiting for an entire order to ship. The backlog is currently caused by unusually high demand for some codes and the length of time it takes for us to get fresh stock from our international suppliers if a code goes out of stock.

Shipments are expected to arrive as follows:

Eureka (and AB Figures): Consignments 0161, 0162, 0163  have arrived and require unpacking and sorting. Consignments 0164 to 0167 are expected in mid May. Later consignments are not expected until June. Please note that we are completely out of stock of AB-B20 and AB-B27 Highland infantry, AB-F42 French 6pdr, AB-F46 French 12pdr and AB-W02/04 Wurttemberg infantry command until new deliveries arrive.

Shadowforge (and Laughing Monk):  Our missing shipment has surfaced after seven weeks, and we hope to sort it shortly and update the online shop.

Aude:  Aude has partly shipped an order, but we are still out of stock of 1848 Sardinians until this order is completed. Aude is expected to ship the balance of this order very soon.

Oddzial Osmy: We have not ordered the March releases from this company, and will only be doing so once we know the April releases, in order to make the order economical to ship.

We remind customers that because of a serious, long-term illness in the family, Fighting 15s is operating a reduced working week and may not be prompt to deal with orders and emails. As of 7 May, however, we are up to date with orders. Now we only have to catch up with unpacking deliveries and updating the website with new releases…