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Orbat series adds French and Spanish flags for Albuera and Fuentes de Onoro

As well as redesigning the 15mm Spanish flags for the Napoleonic range, our designer has completed the flags required for Fuentes de Onoro (3 to 5 May 1811) and Albuera (16 May 1811) with the addition of French and Spanish flags, plus a sheet for the famous Light Division.

The Order of Battle series of 15mm Flags for AB allows gamers to easily buy all the required flags for particular historic formations on a few sheets rather than trying to create them with, in particular for the French, the more generic regimental flags. The French flags for the two battles provide appropriately numbered flags for participating regiments and their battalions. The Spanish flags have suitable city or provincial crests to suit the regiments.

The Light Division sheet provides flags for the 1/43rd,1/52nd, 2/52nd and 17th (2nd Elvas) regiments, making it suitable for engagements from 1810 to 1814.

Full details of the orbat flags are in the Fighting 15s online shop. Sheets are £4.00 each. Fighting 15s aims to have these flags available at Salute on Saturday 16 April, stand TK19.


Flags for AB expands and revises Napoleonic Spanish standards

Our designer has been hard at work revising and expanding the 15mm flags for the Napoleonic Spanish, tying in regional and city crests with regiments, and adding standards for volunteer and militia regiments. The new line-up of Spanish flags in the Flags for AB range is now as follows (most flags are the 1768 pattern):

SPA-F01: Aragon, Borbon, Cordoba and Soria line infantry, 8 flags

SPA-F02: 1st or 2nd Cataluna light infantry, Cantabia, Leon and Principe line regiments, 8 flags

SPA-F03 Estremadura, Reina, Toledo and 2nd Valencia line regiments, 8 flags

SPA-F04: Murcia and Valenca line regiments; 1808 Hibernia or Irlanda, and Ultonia regiments, 8 flags

SPA-F05: De la Princesa regiment, Imperial Alejandro infantry 1814, Reding’s regiment, Preux’s regiment, Portillo light infantry, Torrero light infantry, Campo Sgorbino cazadores, Valencia cazadores, 8 flags

SPA-F06: 2nd and 4th Tercios de Migueletes de Cataluna, 1st and 5th Murcian Volunteer regiments, 8 flags

SPA-F07: Ordenanza of the Tercio Saguntino, 1st Murcian Volunteer Tiradores, Volunteers of St Peter’s Mountian, Volunteers of Ciudad-Rodrigo, Royal regiment of artillery, Royal Troop of Sappers and Miners, 8 flags

SPA-F08: Royal Spanish Guards, Royal Walloon Guards, Royal Italian Guards, Royal Swiss Guards, 10 flags

SPA-F09: Guardia de Corps company flags, Squadron standards for line cavalry regiments Alcantara, Calatrava, Del Principe, Espana, Farnesio, Montesa, Reina, Rey, Santiago, 12 flags

SPA-F10 Carabineros Reales, Squadron standards for line hussar regiments Espanoles, Olivenza, Voluntarios de Espana, Squadron standards for line dragoon regiments Almansa, Numancia, Pavia, Reina, Rey, Sagunto, 12 flags

Sheets are £3.50 each including VAT, and are available now in the Fighting 15s online shop.

We have also added to our Orbat range of flags, adding the Spanish army for Albuera. Orbat flags are £4.00 per sheet, but fewer are needed to complete historic orders of battle.

We hope to have these fantastic additions to the range at Salute, stand TK19.

AB Figures: new releases in stock at Fighting 15s

15mm AB Figures Imperial French chasseurs a cheval casualty set

Fighting 15s now has in stock the new year releases from AB Figures in 15mm. All are sculpted by Tony Barton. The codes and descriptions are as follows:

AB-KK90 1798-1806 Hungarian fusilier in helmet
AB-KK91/93 1798-1806 Hungarian fusilier command in helmet

AB-IFC25 French chasseur à cheval casualty set – 10 pieces

AB-S25 Spanish cavalry trooper at rest in cocked hat (new sculpt)
AB-S26/28 Spanish cavalry command

AB-PR29 Prussian ADC in hussar uniform

All are available now in the online shop. We still have some stocks of the previous Spanish cavalry, and will supply these to special request only.

Fighting 15s: closed for stock-taking

Fighting 15s is closed for end of year stock-taking from 4 to 8 April 2011 inclusive. Orders placed in the online shop will be dealt with as soon as possible when Fighting 15s re-opens. Advance orders for Salute on 16 April will take priority.