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15mm AB Scots Greys and Household Cavalry arrive at Fighting 15s

15mm AB Figures: The Scots Greys

15mm AB Figures: The Scots Greys

The latest arrivals from AB Figures in 15mm in the Fighting 15s shop are the newly sculpted Scots Greys and British Household Cavalry from Tony Barton. They join the recently released British light dragoons and heavy dragoons in helmet, further expanding the AB line-up for the 1815 campaign in particular.

Packs of four troopers cost £5.20 inc VAT, and packs of two command cost £2.60 inc VAT.

The Fighting 15s shop now allows at rest or charging horses to be chosen as appropriate for AB cavalry command packs if a choice of at rest or charging troopers is also available.


Fighting 15s’ server change complete

Last night’s server migration appears to have gone OK, and we have now updated PayPal’s settings to give the correct redirect to the Fighting 15s website once payment is complete.

Based on past experience, it may be that a few products have been hidden during the change, so if you can’t find a particular item in the shop, please let us know. The system may have marked it as hidden, which means it can only be seen on the admin side and, apparently, by Google. The server change sometimes affects a few pictures, which end up blank and which take us ages to track down. 🙂

Server change tonight for Fighting 15s

Between 12 midnight and 4am tomorrow the server that hosts the Fighting 15s shop will be changing. Hopefully this will move us to a faster server and resolve some of the internal server errors that customers have occasionally reported to us.

The move is entirely in the hands of the tech team at ekmpowershop except for a PayPal link, which we will need to change manually in the morning.

Fighting 15s strongly recommends that all European insomniacs and early risers don’t order after midnight tonight until we’ve put up notification that the change has happened and PayPal is fully in place again. That should be by about 8am GMT on 27 November.

And yes, it’s not that long ago we moved to a newer, faster server. 🙂

Fighting 15s tweaks international delivery charges

One consequence of looking at UK delivery charges has been for Fighting 15s to re-examine its international delivery charges – and there’s good news for international customers who opt for tracked delivery.

Royal Mail offers two registered international delivery options: International Signed For and Airsure. International Signed For merely gets proof of delivery via a signature and is not strictly trackable other than to prove it has been delivered; Airsure is trackable and has proof of delivery, although a signature is not required. International Signed For is VAT-exempt; Airsure is VAT-inclusive, and to a non-VAT registered business International Signed For is cheaper. Curiously, however, Airsure works to the advantage of a VAT-registered business such as Fighting 15s, simply because the VAT we have to charge on our delivery charges within Europe is offset by the VAT that is claimed back on an Airsure parcel. The VAT in effect becomes a transparent tax.

Fighting 15s has now adjusted its tracked international delivery options to reflect the VAT reclaimable on Airsure, and the result is lower trackable delivery charges across a number of package weight bands in the shopping cart. There’s not a huge saving on small orders – in general you have to order more that 500g of figures to see any real benefit.

It’s not possible to send Airsure parcels to every country – for example, International Signed For has to be used to send registered parcels to Italy – but Fighting 15s has decided to bear the cost involved if a parcel must be sent other than Airsure.

Customers outside the EU should benefit from lower registered delivery charges because the Fighting 15s shopping cart now better reflects VAT-exclusive Airsure prices rather than VAT-exempt International Signed For prices. In short, Fighting 15s can remove VAT from the Airsure price for non-EU customers, but cannot for the International Signed For price.

Airsure in theory is a priority service. In practice, although an Airsure parcel can indeed leave the UK within 24 hours, it can fester in the receiving country’s mail depots for days or weeks afterwards.

Free delivery changes at Fighting 15s

Fighting 15s has, as previously posted, been trying different delivery options for orders, prompted by the risk of industrial action by the Communication Workers Union (CWU) that would disrupt the usually good service provided by Royal Mail.

A number of Fighting 15s’ customers will have received orders through MyHermes, which although not the cheapest of the budget couriers does seem to offer a good balance of delivery attempts for the price. Parcels are also far more trackable than the cost equivalent of Royal Mail Signed For, although delivery does take three to five days.

One thing that is abundantly clear from this experiment is that, for a VAT-registered business such as Fighting 15s, the Royal Mail has cut its own throat on parcels above 1,000g in weight. For orders in the 1,001g to 2,000g weight range courier services offer a decided advantage, not only because they are cheaper, but because VAT on delivery becomes a neutral tax when a parcel is sent using a service that charges VAT. Ian can give you a long explanation about why it becomes a neutral tax if you suffer from insomnia and desperately need sleep.

So, the good news: Fighting 15s is keeping its free UK standard delivery for orders above a certain value. That threshold, currently £60 ex VAT ex delivery, is reviewed in December at the same time as valued customer discounts.

However, any order that qualifies for free standard UK delivery will now be sent by the cheapest method: this will usually be Royal Mail below 1,000g and MyHermes or another courier above 1,000g. The exception is if an order includes water-based paint, which is a prohibited item for the budget couriers and means that the order must go by Royal Mail. Fighting 15s does not sell aerosols and solvent-based paints which are prohibited items for the budget couriers and for Royal Mail alike.

If speed of delivery after dispatch from Fighting 15s is important, customers who qualify for free standard delivery can instead opt to pay for special delivery.

Several years ago it would have been impossible for a small business such as Fighting 15s in an island location to use an alternative delivery service to the Royal Mail without vastly increasing delivery charges. It’s a sign that the world has changed: the CWU should really take note.

Fighting 15s releases 18mm Austrian SYW infantry flags


Top row: M1745 pattern flags from AUS-F101. Bottom row: M1743 pattern flags from AUS-F102. Shown mounted on wire flagpoles for the purposes of illustration only

Fighting 15s has added two sheets of flags for the Austrian army of the Seven Years War to its range of paper flags.

The sheets, which depict the M1745 pattern infantry flag and the M1743 pattern green infantry flag, have been designed specially to complement the range of 18mm SYW figures produced by Eureka Miniatures and cast by Fighting 15s under licence in the UK. The flags are designed to fit the poles of the standard bearers, giving perfect wrap-round as well as fitting the length of the pole. Although the flags are scaled to suit Eureka’s 18mm figures, they can be used for 15mm figures.

The M1743 or so-called Hungarian flag may have never seen use, but we are aware that some SYW gamers prefer to use it to clearly identify Hungarian units.

Both the M1745 and M1743 flags have been provided with variations in the design.

Sheet AUS-F101 contains the M1745 flags; sheet AUS-F102 contains the M1743 flags. Both sheets have 12 flags and cost £4.00 each including VAT. They are available now in the Fighting 15s online shop.

The Puebla regiment proudly bears its new flags. Figures by Eureka Miniatures

The Puebla regiment proudly bears its new flags. Figures by Eureka Miniatures