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Restocks of Bartek’s 17th century playing cards arrive at Fighting 15s


Fighting 15s’ initial stocks of 17th century pin-up playing cards by Bartek have run out – but don’t panic, because a new delivery arrived today.

The state of the pound against the Polish zloty and the need to make a distributorship margin now that Colonel Bill’s takes the cards to UK wargames shows on Fighting 15s’ behalf mean that the price has risen to £12 inc VAT per deck. Fighting 15s still offers the chance to make a saving on a red-backed and blue-backed deck bought together: a pair costs £23 including VAT.

The cards are available to buy in the Fighting 15s shop at

Bartek’s Napoleonic deck is still out of print. He is slowly working on an entirely new Napoleonic deck, which sales of the 17th century deck will fund.

Eureka Miniatures 28mm WWII Soviet infantry


Fighting 15s has received its initial stocks of Eureka Miniatures’ 28mm WWII Soviet infantry, which are now available to buy in the online shop.

The figures and codes are as follows:

100WWT001 Soviet infantry in helmet with rifle
100WWT002 Soviet infantry in side cap with rifle
100WWT003 Soviet infantry in helmet with SMG
100WWT004 Soviet infantry in side cap with SMG
100WWT005 Soviet infantry LMG team in helmet
100WWT006 Soviet infantry LMG team in side cap
100WWT007 Soviet infantry Officer in helmet
100WWT008 Soviet infantry Officer in side cap
100WWT009 Soviet infantry casualties in helmet
100WWT010 Soviet infantry helmet on rifle
100WWT020 Children’s Fountain, Stalingrad
100WWT030 German infantry casualties in helmet
100WWT040 German infantry helmet on rifle

Individual figures, where available, are priced at £2.03 each including VAT. Contents of sets are as described on the Fighting 15s website. Codes 100WWT001 to 100WWT04 all have eight variants, and variants are supplied at random.

Fighting 15s has limited stocks of some of the above codes, which may take eight or more weeks to obtain if Fighting 15s is or goes out of stock.



AB Figures 15mm French 1815

AB-WF01 French fusilier 1815

AB-WF01 French fusilier 1815

Fighting 15s now has all the licensed moulds necessary to produce the first release of AB Figures’ 15mm 1815 French infantry. We have spent the past week running the moulds to check them and to build up some initial stock, and the figures are now available to buy in the Fighting 15s shop.

In  addition to the small packs for the various codes, Fighting 15s has also created a battalion pack of 36 pieces (WF01BP) and a unit pack of 24 pieces (WF01P) to cater for common unit sizes.

Like all our licensed figures, these are cast to order. All the foot figures are cast in lead-free pewter.

AB has since released more British generals, Young Guard artillery, and an eagle-bearer and porte-aigle in bearskin. These items are currently on order and will be added to the shop once they are in stock.



AB 1815 French infantry and moulds updates

Fighting 15s has at last received the moulds necessary to cast AB’s 15mm 1815 French infantry under licence.  These cover the codes initially released and not the latest port-aigle and eagle bearer in bearskin..

All the moulds are currently being tested to ensure they run OK (Fighting 15s uses lead-free pewter, which behaves differently from Eureka’s choice of metal) and to build up some initial stock. Codes will be added to the shop soon. Orders for these codes will not be accepted until they are live in the shop.

A defect reported on one variant of AB-SAX01 Saxon infantry marching means that Nic at Eureka is, alas, again remaking the mould for this code. The remade mould should also have on it a variant that was missed off Fighting 15s’ original new mould, which in turn replaced a damaged, 20-year-old veteran of a mould. This one has been a bit of a saga…

As for the new releases for 1815, such as the Young Guard artillery crews, they are all currently on order. Fighting 15s will provide updates once they are in stock.