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Look Sharpe – it’s the Fighting 15s festive special


The Chained Eagle. 15mm Britihs infantry from AB Figures

Flags for AB: The Chained Eagle. 15mm British infantry from AB Figures

In the Sharpe books, to commemorate the capture by Lieutenant Sharpe of a French eagle at Talavera, the South Essex regiment won the right to depict a French eagle in chains on its colours. Our flags designer has interpreted this idea, and the Eagle in Chains is now available in the Flags for AB range for a short time only.

Because we know how wargamers love to duplicate periods across figure sizes, this sheet of paper flags has regimental and King’s colours suitable for wargames figures in 15mm and 28mm sizes (four flags total). The regimental colour depicts the Eagle in Chains on a yellow field; the King’s colour is a standard Union flag with badge and wreath.

The flags are available separately in the online shop at a cost of GBP2.00 per sheet.

The flags are also available free when you buy a special South Essex battalion consisting of 30 or 40 15mm AB British infantry in marching or in order arms poses. Limit of one set of flags per customer.

Extra flags for 15mm AB Austrians

We have now overhauled all the Austrian Napoleonic infantry flags in the 15mm Flags for AB range so that sheets now contain nine infantry flags as opposed to six. The price per sheet remains unchanged at GBP3.25 including VAT (or about GBP2.77 ex VAT for customers outside the EU), making the sheets better value for money.

Some sheets changed several months back, but we have only just exhausted all the old stock.

15mm flags for Baden, Hesse-Darmstadt and Westphalia

The latest additions to our 15mm Flags for AB range of Napoleonic flags include sheets for Baden, Hesse-Darmstadt and Westphalia. Sheets are GBP3.00 each and they are available now in the online shop.

Codes and contents are as follows:


CRB-F01 1st to 4th infantry, light dragoon squadron, hussar regiment and Guard du Corps (13 flags)


CRH-F01 1803 pattern Leib-Garde and Leib regiments (8 flags)
CRH-F02 1803 and 1804 pattern Erbprinz regiment, 1770 pattern Leib-Garde Pferde (8 flags)
CRH-F03 1814 pattern infantry regiments (10 flags)


WPH-F01 1808 pattern 1st to 4th infantry (8 flags)
WPH-F02 1808 pattern 5th to 6th infantry, 1808 guard infantry, 1811 jager-carabiniers (7 flags)
WPH-F03 1810 pattern 1st to 5th infantry (11 flags)
WPH-F04 1810 pattern 6th to 9th infantry (9 flags)
WPH-F05 1813 pattern 1st to 4th infantry (8 flags)
WPH-F06 1813 pattern 5th to 8th infantry (8 flags)
WPH-F07 1813 pattern 9th infantry; 1812 pattern guard infantry (7 flags)
WPH-F08 1808 to 1813 line and guard cavalry flags (14 flags)

Forthcoming projects include Switzerland and the Scandinavian nations of Denmark, Finland and Sweden, completion of which will provide good coverage of the flags of major nations and minor states in the Napoleonic wars.

15mm Flags for AB: The Italian Job

Flags for the Kingdom of Italy and Kingdom of Naples are the latest arrivals in our 15mm Napoleonic Flags for AB range. The range covers the 1802, 1809 and 1813 pattern flags for the Kingdom of Italy, and the 1806, 1809 and 1814 pattern flags for the Kingdom of Naples.

The two Italian kingdoms provide some of the best and worst troops in Napoleon’s army, and are great subjects for gamers who just want to build small, entire Napoleonic forces, using easy conversions and paint jobs from 15mm Napoleonic AB Figures and 18mm Eureka Napoleonic French ranges. Flags for AB will make your brave Italians stand out in the heat of battle, and equally brighten the rapid departure from the field of your Neapolitans.

There are 11 sheets of flags in the Kingdom of Italy range, and 7 sheets of flags in the Neapolitan range, and both are now available in the Fighting 15 shop. The Italian Job Lot special offer allows you to buy both ranges of flags for just GBP50.00 – a saving of GBP4.00.

The range in full is:

Kingdom of Italy

ITA-F01 1802 pattern Republican Line Infantry, 1st to 4th regts (8)
ITA-F02 1802 pattern Republican Line Infantry, 5th to 7th regts; Presidential Guard (8)
ITA-F03 1802 pattern, Republican Light Infantry, 1st to 3rd regts; Hussars; Horse Grenadiers (10)
ITA-F04 1809 pattern Line Infantry, 1st to 4th regts (8)
ITA-F05 1809 pattern Line Infantry, 5th to 7th regts; Royal Guard flags 1805-1812 (10)
ITA-F06 1809 patern Light Infantry, 1st to 4th regts (8)
ITA-F07 1809 pattern Artillery & Cavalry (12)
ITA-F08 1813 pattern Line Infantry, 1st to 4th regts (8)
ITA-F09 1813 pattern Line infantry, 5th to 7th regts; Royal Guard (8)
ITA-F10 1813 pattern Light infantry (8)
ITA-F11 1813 pattern Artillery & Cavalry (12)

Kingdom of Naples

NAP-F01 1806 pattern Line Infantry (8)
NAP-F02 1806 pattern Light Infantry, Royal Guard, Cavalry (10)
NAP-F03 1809 pattern Line Infantry, 1st to 4th regts (8)
NAP-F04 1809 pattern Line Infantry, 5th to 8th regts (8)
NAP-F05 1809 pattern Line Infantry, 9th to 12th regts (8)
NAP-F06 1809 pattern Light Infantry, 1st to 4th regts (8)
NAP-F07 1809 pattern Royal Guard, Cavalry; 1814 pattern 5th and 6th infantry (10)

Sheets are GBP3.00, and contain the number of flags indicated in brackets. We regret that pictures are not available on the internet in order to protect copyright on the flags.

Fighting 15s goes Dutch

We have just added to the range of 15mm Flags for AB with the following Hanoverian, Dutch, and Dutch-Belgian flags:

HAN-F01 Hanoverian Legion, plus Hanoverian infantry 1813-15 (10)
DUT-F01 Kingdom of Holland infantry 1806-10 (8)
DUT-F02 United Provinces infantry 1815 (8)
DUT-F03 United Provinces jagers & militia 1815 (8)
DUT-F04 Holland 1806-10 and United Provinces 1815 cavalry (12)

Flags are GBP3.00 per sheet and contain the number of flags indicated in brackets.

15mm Flags for AB: new releases

The first of our new releases in the 15mm Flags for AB range are now available: Brunswick 1815, and Saxony.

The Brunswick flags provide 2 flags for each of the three line battalions in 1815, plus two other designs that may have seen use.

The Saxon flags include the 1802 infantry pattern for the 1806-09 campaigns, and the 1810 pattern. The 1810 pattern suits the existing Saxon figures from AB; the 1802 pattern suits the forthcoming 1806 Saxons from Eureka. Cavalry flags are also available. The Saxon flags are in the Confederation of the Rhine section.

All sheets are priced at GBP3.00 each.

We will be further expanding the Flags for AB range, with flags for Hanover and the Dutch-Belgian forces in 1815 intended as the next releases.