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AB 1815 French infantry and moulds updates

Fighting 15s has at last received the moulds necessary to cast AB’s 15mm 1815 French infantry under licence.  These cover the codes initially released and not the latest port-aigle and eagle bearer in bearskin..

All the moulds are currently being tested to ensure they run OK (Fighting 15s uses lead-free pewter, which behaves differently from Eureka’s choice of metal) and to build up some initial stock. Codes will be added to the shop soon. Orders for these codes will not be accepted until they are live in the shop.

A defect reported on one variant of AB-SAX01 Saxon infantry marching means that Nic at Eureka is, alas, again remaking the mould for this code. The remade mould should also have on it a variant that was missed off Fighting 15s’ original new mould, which in turn replaced a damaged, 20-year-old veteran of a mould. This one has been a bit of a saga…

As for the new releases for 1815, such as the Young Guard artillery crews, they are all currently on order. Fighting 15s will provide updates once they are in stock.

New moulds arrive from AB and Eureka

Fighting 15s has received new licensed moulds for AB Figure’s 15mm 1810-14 Saxons and Eureka Miniatures’ 18mm Seven Years War Austrian Cuirassiers. These replace moulds that have worn out. The codes are now restored in the online shop and customers are able to order them again.

The figures affected are SAX02 Saxon Grenadier, SAX03 Saxon light infantry skirmishing and SYW234 Austrian Cuirassier. Our moulds for SAX01 Saxon Fusilier and the Saxon command figures (SAX04 to SAX07) were replaced earlier.

December’s 20mm WWII arrivals from AB Figures



Fighting 15s has received the following sets of 20mm World War II figures from AB Figures:

INB18 British infantry eating
INB25 British MP and guard, with prisoners
ING20 German seated infantry in greatcoat
ING21 German infantry in greatcoat
ING22 German officers in greatcoat
ING23 German staff
ING24 German vehicle passengers
ING25 German officers set II

MIS01 Dead cows
MIS02 German stowage
MIS03 American stowage

RTG04 German flak crew in winter suits

SPA04 American senior command
SPB05 British MP set
SPB06 British Regimental Aid post
SPB14 British ambulance jeep crew and casualty
SPG03 German staff car occupants in overcoats
SPG08 German drivers

TCA04 American M7 crew
TCB14 British Sexton crew
TCB15 British tank crew bailing
TCB16 British tank re-arming
TCG14 German Panzer crew in winter gear
TCG15 German Panzer crew bailing out
TCG16 Afrika Korps Panzertruppen relaxing
TCG17 German Panzertruppen in caps, relaxing

Pack contents and prices (inc VAT) are as described on the Fighting 15s website. The arrival of these sets by and large completes the game of catch-up that Fighting 15s has been playing to get the 20mm WWII range from AB into stock.


AB Figures: 15mm French 1815 infantry

Customers who subscribe to Eureka’s newsletter will no doubt already have seen the news that the first release of AB Figures’ 15mm 1815 French infantry is available. This close to Christmas, coupled with the seasonal closure of AB Figures/Eureka Miniatures, it is impossible for Fighting 15s to obtain stock until the new year.

However, Fighting 15s will not be ordering in stock. Instead, Fighting 15s will be supplied with licensed moulds by AB/Eureka to cast these figures in the UK. Update (19 May 2016): We regret that we currently have no news about when licensed moulds will be made available to Fighting 15s. All our worst estimates as to an arrival date for the moulds have slipped, and therefore we have stopped trying to predict when they will actually arrive in the UK. Production of moulds is entirely dependent on Eureka Miniatures’ mould-making schedule, over which Fighting 15s has no influence whatsoever.

The new British generals from AB are not yet released and Fighting 15s can therefore neither order them in nor obtain them.

All enquiries regarding the availability of these latest sculpts from Tony Barton will be directed to this post. Fighting 15s will post a news item to announce the availability of the figures once the moulds have arrived and have been tested.

More new arrivals for 20mm AB WWII range

AB-SPB04 British motorcyclists and dispatch riders

AB-SPB04 British motorcyclists and dispatch riders

Fighting 15s has been busy sifting through the new delivery from AB Figures/Eureka and can report that the following codes in AB Figures’ 20mm World War II range have arrived in stock:

AB-SPB03 British Tommies loading ammo crates
AB-SPB04 British motorcyclists/dispatch riders
AB-SPB07 British RAMC loading ambulance with casualties
AB-SPB09 British company stretcher bearers in a hurry
AB-SPB12 British infantry for jeeps

Details and prices of packs are as given in the online shop.


New arrivals for 20mm AB WWII range



Fighting 15s has now received its first stocks of following codes in AB Figures’ 20mm World War II range:

AB-RTB01 British 6pdr crew
AB-RTB02 British 17pdr crew
AB-TCB05 British crew in pixie suits
AB-TCB06 British crew in battledress and helmets

AB-TCB11 German Afrika Korps crew
AB-TCB12 German Afrika Korps crew, hatch variants
AB-TCB13 German seated figures for softskins and halftracks

Details and prices of packs are as given in the online shop.


New 15mm AB Napoleonics arrive at Fighting 15s

AB-BK11 Duke of Brunswick

AB-BK11 Duke of Brunswick

Fighting 15s has received the following new figures from AB Figures in its 15mm Napoleonic range:

AB-BK11 Duke of Brunswick, mounted
AB-ER76 Early Russian artillery crew in shako and greatcoat, loading
AB-ER77 Early Russian artillery crew in shako and greatcoat, firing
AB-KK82 Austrian mounted NCO
AB-RKK29 Austrian grenzer artillery crew 1792-98

BK11 and KK82 are one-piece castings  and cost £1.20 each including VAT. ER76, ER77 and RKK29 cost £2.40 including VAT for a set of four figures. Fighting 15s tries to provide four different variants in each artillery crew set, but the variant mix supplied as stock may sometimes make this impossible.

All AB figures are sculpted by Tony Barton.

The figures are available to buy now in the Fighting 15s shop and for a short time are available in the New Arrivals section.


20mm WWII arrivals from AB for September

AB-SPG06 German field dressing station

AB-SPG06 German field dressing station

Fighting 15s has received the following new releases for the 20mm range of World War II figures from AB.

INB29 British commando heavy weapons section
INB34 British infantry truck riders, armed
RTB04 British 25pdr crew, North Africa
RTB05 British 25pdr crew – Set 1
RTB06 British 25pdr crew – Set 2
RTB07 British 25pdr battery command
RTB08 British 5.5” gun crew
RTB09 British 6lb anti-tank crew North Africa
RTB10 British 2lb anti-tank crew North Africa
RTB52 British Airborne 17pdr crew
ING14 German seated infantry
ING15 German tank riders – Set 1
ING16 German tank riders – Set 2
ING17 German Panzer Grenadiers for halftracks
ING18 German Afrika Korps Panzer Grenadiers for halftracks
ING19 German Afrika casual infantry
SPG51 Fallschirmjager Kubelwagen crew
SPG52 Fallschirmjager Kettenkrad crew

All codes are in stock. They are initially listed within the New Arrivals section of the shop as well as their normal categories on the website. Prices and contents as described on the website.

We have more new releases for this range on the way.


AB Figures 15mm vignettes for 1815

AB-VIN01 Sergeant Ewart and the eagle of the 45th

AB-VIN01 Sergeant Ewart and the eagle of the 45th

Fighting 15s has received its initial stocks of AB Figures’ 15mm vignettes for the Waterloo campaign, 1815.

The sets are as follows:

AB-VIN01 Sergeant Ewart and the eagle of the 45th (£9.47 inc VAT)
AB-VIN02 The Royal Dragoons and the eagle of the 105th (£10.74 inc VAT)
AB-VIN03 The 69th foot and the 8th cuirassiers at Quatre Bras (£12.00 inc VAT)

The vignettes are available to buy now in the Fighting 15s online shop, and for convenience are for a short time listed in the New Arrivals section.

Following a price reduction in May, Fighting 15s has enacted a second decrease for AB Figures this year in response to the improving exchange rate. Our price reduction in July 2015 means the prices of AB 15mm foot are 60p each inc VAT, mounted are £1.20 each inc VAT and cannon are £2.40 each inc VAT. We will continue to review prices in response to changes in the exchange rate, but will only adjust prices when the rate has evidently stabilized for a suitable period.

Prices of Eureka Miniatures were also reduced in July, taking prices to 50p inc VAT for 15mm and 18mm foot, £1.00 inc VAT for 15mm and 18mm mounted, and £1.87 inc VAT for 28mm foot, and technically £3.72 and a ha’penny inc VAT for 28mm mounted.

The Royal Dragoons and the eagle of the 105th

The Royal Dragoons and the eagle of the 105th


The 69th foot and the 8th cuirassiers at Quatre Bras

The 69th foot and the 8th cuirassiers at Quatre Bras

Eureka launches AB Figures website


Eureka Miniatures of Australia’s dedicated website for AB Figures is now live. The AB Figures website is separate from, which now contains only Eureka’s own and other licensed ranges, although AB Figures will still be made and supplied by Eureka.

This has no effect on the Fighting 15s website, which continues to have both AB and Eureka Miniatures available from a single website. Fighting 15s continues to provide AB and Eureka figures imported from Australia, plus AB and Eureka figures cast under licence here in the UK.

The launch, however, has seen an increase in the price of AB 15mm figures, from 0.91 cents to 0.95 cents for foot figures, from AUD 1.82 to AUD 1.91 for mounted figures, and from AUD 3.64 to AUD 3.82 for cannon. This is the first price rise for 15mm AB Figures in Australia since late 2007.

Prices in the UK, of course, fluctuate according to the exchange rate. Fighting 15s prices’ have been going down as the exchange rate improves, with two reductions in the past year or so. Accordingly, given recent improvements in the exchange rate, Fighting 15s has decided to hold prices at their current level, so there is no increase in the price of 15mm AB Figures for Fighting 15s’ customers.

In addition, Fighting 15s has reinstated its offer of free standard delivery for UK online orders of more than £100 ex-tax ex-delivery in the shopping cart. This applies to all the ranges that Fighting 15s supplies.