Fighting 15s re-releases 15mm Krakus cavalry

15mm Krakus cavalry 1813

15mm Krakus cavalry 1813

At long last Ian at Fighting 15s has got his act together and started re-releasing the 15mm figures originally produced by Oddzial Osmy of Poland. The company produced a small range of 15mm Napoleonics and Medievals, to which Fighting 15s now has the rights. Fighting 15s is in the process of making new moulds from the masters.

The first re-release is the 15mm Napoleonic Krakus cavalry for 1813, one of the most popular sets in the range. Three units of Polish cossacks (Krakus) were raised in 1812, but combined into one regiment. Headgear varied, and the Oddzial Osmy set represented two variants: a tall czapka, and a lower, more traditional Polish cap, but not the melon-shaped cap shown in some pictures. The Krakus fought loyally for Napoleon, serving into 1814.

The original set was released as a box of 15 figures, but Fighting 15s has re-released the troopers and command separately. The troopers are available in a pack of four for £3.30 inc VAT (£2.75 ex VAT) and the command is available in a pack of two for £1.70 inc VAT (£1.42 ex VAT). The troopers now have cast lances – the originals were open-handed.

The figures are best suited in size to smaller 15mm figures from other manufacturers, but as the Krakus were mounted on small horses they may work with larger 15mm figures.

Oddzial Osmy, of course, still produces its own 1:600 ranges and 15mm SF range, which are stocked by Fighting 15s.

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Size comparison (left to right): Old Glory, Essex, Oddzial Osmy, AB Cossack, AB


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