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Fighting 15s agrees purchase of 40mm Flashing Blade lines

Fighting 15s has reached an agreement with Mark Rowsell of Flashing Blade to buy the 40mm ranges formerly made by the Southampton-based company, and which Fighting 15s has been keeping in production while Mark has been sorting out his life.

Buying the 40mm ranges, which include Romano-British and Dark Ages Saxons, Ancient Greeks and Skeletons, and Napoleonic Portuguese Cacadores will allow us to tighten up the lines, make new moulds where required, and look to expanding the ranges.

Casting machine update, 14 September

Ian has retrieved the repaired casting machine from the engineering workshop and hopes to be back casting figures in the next day or two. Parts of the casting machine need to be reassembled, and returned to their usual settings. Please bear with Ian in the meantime: there is a substantial backlog of casting to deal with.

Casting machine update, 12 September

Fighting 15s’ casting machine has been fixed and Ian should be able to pick it up from the engineering workshop in the next day or so. Licensed casting should resume by the end of the week.

Please be patient if Ian takes his time in dealing with orders, because figures need to be made for a number of orders placed over the past few weeks.

Casting machine update, 6 September

The casting machine goes in for repairs today, and I will be without it for at least a week. This means I am unable to cast any figures for Colours on 10 and 11 September and have to rely on existing stock of some AB Figures. I have been able to fulfil all advance orders for Colours so far, and have emailed customers accordingly, but at the cost of depleting the stock that I carry to shows. This means I will be out of stock of some codes of 15mm AB Figures at Colours.

Please bear with me while I deal with the failure of what is a critical piece of equipment. Some orders will inevitably be delayed until the casting machine is fixed.

I am out for most of this morning while I get the machine to the engineering company.


Fighting 15s revises and expands Late Prussian flags

Fighting 15s has revised the 15mm late Prussian flags for the Napoleonic Wars that form part of the Flags for AB range. Our designer has incorporated new research into the existing designs, and at our request also added two sheets that gamers should find useful.

The first of the new sheets, PRU-F07, contains flags for the reserve infantry regiments to the design authorized in 1814. The flags were not actually issued until after Waterloo, mostly in September 1815, but gamers who want to give their reserve regiments the flags that most clearly indicate their status may well appreciate the addition.

Sheet F08 now contains black flags for landwehr regiments – a mixture of black and white designs featuring the Maltese cross. Previously our landwehr flags had only one black and white design: this flag, and the previous colour landwehr/reservist flags are now on sheets F09 and F10.

Sheets are all priced at £3.50 including VAT and include 8 infantry flags (sheets F11 and F12 contain 12 and 13 cavalry flags respectively).

Fighting 15s acquires 15mm lines from Oddzial Osmy

Fighting 15s has bought the rights to the 15mm lines of figures produced by Oddzial Osmy of Poland. Marcin at Oddzial Osmy is focusing on his 1:600 (3mm) ranges by expanding the existing moderns and WWII ranges, and beginning work on new eras.

Fighting 15s has the masters for the 15mm Napoleonics, and is expecting the masters for the 15mm Medievals (Tannenberg/Grunwald) shortly. There will probably be a break in production while we get some changes made to the range – mainly turning the horses into more wargamer-friendly one-part castings, and putting the bayonets on the correct side of some of the muskets. The packaging will also be changed to the usual 8 infantry, 4 mounted format that we use for other ranges.

Please note that the Oddzial Osmy Napoleonics are on the whole smaller than the ranges we offer from AB and Eureka, and for which we are agents. Fighting 15s has acquired the range to ensure it does not slip out of production, and has the permission of Nic Robson of Eureka Miniatures to do so.

CGM ranges withdrawn from Fighting 15s shop

Sales of the 15mm Napoleonics from Campaign Game Miniatures have not lived up to expectations and Fighting 15s has withdrawn this range from the products on offer in the online shop. Fighting 15s will have a limited supply of some codes for a short while longer for customers who contact us by email, but remaining stocks of CGM figures will be melted down by the end of August. They will therefore resurface at some point as licensed castings of 15mm AB Figures.

Fighting 15s, therefore, will not have CGM figures at any more shows this year.

Fighting 15s: Health and service update

As many customers I hope are aware, my wife Janet has been seriously ill over the past 13 months, having undergone six months of chemotherapy to treat leukaemia, and then requiring the rest of the time to recuperate. During that time I have found it a struggle to look after the family, run the home, and manage Fighting 15s without ruining my reputation for customer service or letting down the companies that I represent. I have worked some pretty crazy hours to keep on top.

Janet has now been able to resume work part-time, and does not have to see her consultant for another three months. Her bone marrow is still not entirely normal, but test results show she is none the less healthier than some perfectly well people, and so apart from the occasional visit to hospital and the need to take life a bit more carefully, we are as back to normal as we’ll ever be.

Fighting 15s is beginning to get back to the point it had reached 13 months ago: i.e. on top of orders, back doing wargames shows, and looking at expanding its line-up of manufacturers. Emails are dealt with when possible, sometimes even promptly. Unfortunately, it has been necessary to drop the traditional mail-order lists and switch to being an almost entirely internet-based business: doing so has ensured the orders system remains organised and fully recoverable in the event of human error. As Fighting 15s can keep going on internet-based orders and sales at shows, a return to using traditional paper-based mail order lists is not on the cards: too few orders arrive by post to warrant the time and effort spent on maintaining the lists.

Thank you to all my customers who have stuck with me and understood my problems during this horrendous time. Your support and patience is most appreciated. I have undoubtedly offended some customers during this time, or seemed distant, offhand, irrational, or inconsistent to others. Extreme stress makes a person do strange things, and I can only apologise: you have been dealing with someone who at times has had the reasoning powers and memory of Pooh Bear, which must be most frustrating.

Fighting 15s

Flags for AB releases Young Guard fanions in 15mm

Believe it or not, Fighting 15s is still filling out the 15mm Napoleonic Flags for AB range of paper flags, and we’ve tracked down some more useful additions for the French. We have two new releases, both containing 13 flags, with each sheet costing GBP3.25 including VAT.

Sheet FRA-F43, Imperial Guard Fanions (1809 to 1815), contains: Official and unofficial Fusilier fanions (4 total), Tirailleurs fanions (4 total, including 1st and 5th Tirailleur-Grenadiers), Voltigeurs fanions (5 total including 1st and 13th)

Sheet FRA-F44, Imperial Guard and Line Infantry Fanions (1806 to 1815), contains: Official and unofficial Flanquers fanions (2 total), Pupilles fanion (1), squadron and company standard Mamelukes of the Guard (2 flags total), Imperial Guard and line infantry fanions (7 total, probable designs), and the 7th light infantry 4th battalion fanion (because we can do it).

The Mamelukes are a strange omission from the original range of flags, and because the second company was part of the Young Guard we have taken to opportunity to include standards in this release.

Both sheets are available now in the Fighting 15s shop.

New look website for Fighting 15s

Fighting 15s' new website

Fighting 15s‘ redesigned website is now in place and we hope you find it even easier to use and navigate than the previous osCommerce-like design. A number of elements have been shifted to the page menu at the top of the site, making essential information easier to find, and the rest of the site has been simplified.

A mini-shopping cart now heads the top left-hand column, with easier to find currency  options for UK, US and EU customers.  We have kept the navigation system the same in essence, but products now run in four columns across the page, rather than two, which should reduce the depth of some shop pages.

We now have a separate news page populated by our RSS news feed from the Oozlum Games website. The separate page should eliminate some page-loading issues caused by the old design constantly refreshing the headlines at each navigational step. But it does mean that you can’t see at a glance whether the news has been updated.  

We have to go through all the images at some point to make them better suited to the design, so they fit the product boxes better. So in short, some product images will not be displayed at their best for some time to come. No doubt there will be other teething problems.

The core of the shop is still the same: the site is still hosted by ekmpowershop, it’s just we now have a custom template for the design. The cart, therefore, behaves in the same way.