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15mm Napoleonic Saxon Chevaulegers 1809

NSC-02 Saxon Chevauleger command 1809

NSC-02 Saxon Chevauleger command 1809

Fighting 15s has re-released the 15mm 1809 Saxon chevaulegers formerly made by Oddzial Osmy of Poland. The chevaulegers have been remastered, have new production moulds and now come with one-piece horses, rather than the two-part horses of the originals: riders are still separate from the horses.

Figures are priced at £3.20 for four identical troopers and £1.60 for two command figures, with a standard bearer available as an option for an extra 80p. A unit pack of 12 figures including two command is £9.60. Prices include VAT.

Fighting 15s is in the gradual process of re-releasing all of Oddzial Osmy’s 15mm Napoleonic line. The Saxon chevaulegers join the Krakusi and Russian Cossacks in the line-up of re-releases.

For convenience, the figures are listed in the New Arrivals section of the Fighting 15s website at


Figure comparisons (left to right): AB, Fighting 15s Saxon Chevauleger, Fighting 15s Russian cossack, Old Glory 15s,  a 15mm Joey

Figure size comparisons (left to right): AB, Fighting 15s Saxon Chevauleger, Fighting 15s Russian cossack, Old Glory 15s, a 15mm Joey

Fighting 15s announces… Fighting 15s Figures

40mm Flashing Blade figures - now called Fighting 40s

40mm Flashing Blade figures – now called Fighting 40s

Fighting 15s’ long hot summer of reorganization and rationalization has seen a new section arrive in the online shop: Fighting 15s Figures.

Fighting 15s Figures is home to the ranges that we ourselves own and produce: Huzzah! Miniatures, Flashing Blade, and the 15mm medievals and Napoleonics formerly made by Oddzial Osmy. These have all been lurking in different sections of the website, and we have now united them all under one banner.

The change has been promoted by new mould making, primarily for the 15mm medievals and Napoleonics, but also for the 40mm Flashing Blade range. This means some of these old codes are now available from fresh new moulds. Our priority has been bringing back to life Oddzial Osmy’s 15mm Tannenberg line for 1410, and redoing the Flashing Blade hoplites where mould wear in the arm sockets has made assembly a challenge best accomplished with a drill.

We have further rebranded the figures as follows: the 15mm Oddzial Osmy medievals and Napoleonics are now Fighting 15s, the traditional 30mm SYW from Huzzah! Miniatures are now Fighting 30s, and the 40mm Flashing Blade Greek hoplites, skeletons, Dark Ages Saxons and Romano-British are now Fighting 40s.

Some codes still have to be remoulded and migrated to the new section of the website. News of relaunched figures will be posted as they become available.


Fighting 15s and Carronade, Triples and Walk the Wight 2014


Fighting 15s would ordinarily be attending Carronade in Falkirk this coming weekend, followed by a short holiday on the mainland and then an appearance at Sheffield Triples the weekend after. This year, however, Fighting 15s’ owner Ian is taking part in Walk the Wight, which falls on the same weekend as Carronade, and which therefore makes attending Carronade impossible.

Walk the Wight is the annual charity walk in aid of the Earl Mountbatten Hospice, the only hospice on the Isle of Wight, and it is the major fund-raising activity of the hospice. The hospice is self-funded and does invaluable work on the island.

The walk, which this year is on 11 May, takes participants from Bembridge in the east to the Needles in the west and covers roughly 27 miles. Ian has done the walk just twice before, making him a considerable lightweight among veteran walkers, and it takes him just under 10 hours.

Ian’s walker number is 2929 and he has a Just Giving page at – any contributions are welcome.

Fighting 15s’ attendance at Sheffield Triples is affected because Carronade and Triples are only economically viable when done together in one trip, and to justify a short holiday as part of that trip.  We will not, therefore, be at Triples this year. Revenues at wargames shows are, alas, falling year on year, and Fighting 15s has decided to limit the number of shows it attends each year, with the main purpose being to meet and talk to old and new customers. Attending fewer shows brings the benefit of allowing the burgeoning internet side of the business to be better served.

On Monday 12 May Ian will largely be unable to move and Fighting 15s will be closed for the day.


Fighting 15s and Eureka Miniatures set to celebrate 10 years together


Eureka Miniatures of Australia and Fighting 15s will soon have been working together for 10 years, and to celebrate Fighting 15s is offering a special deal for customers who order in advance in the online shop for collection at Salute – the closest UK wargames show to our anniversary date.

Fighting 15s’ relationship with Eureka began on 7 February 2004, when an internet forum post about Eureka’s 18mm 1815 British prompted Fighting 15s’ owner Ian Marsh to email Eureka’s owner Nic Robson to ask whether the company had a UK agent. A negative answer prompted the infamous question of “Do you want one?”, resulting on 3 March 2004 in Fighting 15s placing its first trade order; a few weeks later the first figures arrived in the UK and were on sale by April.  Nic and Ian have therefore decided to accept 3 March as their anniversary date, although plan to raise a glass to each other at Salute 2014 on 12 April on their respective stands.

So what’s the deal?

Simply enter the discount code (code expired) into the Fighting 15s’ shopping basket and select the Collect at Salute delivery option to receive 10% off your order. The discount overrides any other discounts for which customers may also qualify, such as our valued customer discounts, order size or club discounts.

The small print

The discount code has expired. This information is for customers’ records only.  By 10 April 2014, Fighting 15s will be beyond packing or making any more advance orders for Salute. Fighting 15s reserves the right to change the expiry date of the discount code without notice, especially if the week before Salute gets too frantic.

The code must be typed as shown, with capital letters and no spaces, and will only work in conjunction with the special Collect at Salute delivery option.

The discount will only apply to items that Fighting 15s is actually able to supply for collection at Salute, the cost of items that cannot be supplied will be refunded. Customers are therefore encouraged to place orders in good time for items that have to be obtained from overseas suppliers such as Eureka Miniatures, and Fighting 15s will endeavour to obtain them as quickly as possible. Orders that are not collected  at Salute will be treated as cancelled orders and be refunded subject to charges arising from obtaining items that are made specially to order, as in Fighting 15s’ terms and conditions.

The discount is valid for all items – not just Eureka Miniatures – that are both listed in and can be purchased through the Fighting 15s online shop at and applies only to items that are ordered in advance through the online shop. The discount is not valid for orders placed by any other means, for example by telephone, by email or post, or for special advance items for Salute that are only available through Eureka Miniatures direct. The discount is valid for Fighting 15s’ prices at the time of ordering.

Although Fighting 15s has tested this discount code several times, it may be awkward and decide not to work because technology is not perfect: please let us know if this happens.

Fighting 15s’ highly organized customers that may be kicking themselves because they have already ordered for Salute need not fret, because the discount will be applied retrospectively to their orders. The gradual 10-year transformation of Ian from suspicious and spiky journalist to generally helpful and only occasionally spiky retailer has had benefits. 🙂 If only that transformation had finished before Nic Robson pulled out all his hair…

Fighting 15s is taking a reduced selection of stock to Salute 2014 – just 28mm Eureka Miniatures and 15mm Oddzial Osmy Science Fiction – and therefore encourages customers to use this discount code to order items that otherwise will not be available at the show, such as 15mm and 20mm AB Figures, and 1/600th scale Oddzial Osmy figures.

Fighting 15s releases 18mm Austrian SYW infantry flags


Top row: M1745 pattern flags from AUS-F101. Bottom row: M1743 pattern flags from AUS-F102. Shown mounted on wire flagpoles for the purposes of illustration only

Fighting 15s has added two sheets of flags for the Austrian army of the Seven Years War to its range of paper flags.

The sheets, which depict the M1745 pattern infantry flag and the M1743 pattern green infantry flag, have been designed specially to complement the range of 18mm SYW figures produced by Eureka Miniatures and cast by Fighting 15s under licence in the UK. The flags are designed to fit the poles of the standard bearers, giving perfect wrap-round as well as fitting the length of the pole. Although the flags are scaled to suit Eureka’s 18mm figures, they can be used for 15mm figures.

The M1743 or so-called Hungarian flag may have never seen use, but we are aware that some SYW gamers prefer to use it to clearly identify Hungarian units.

Both the M1745 and M1743 flags have been provided with variations in the design.

Sheet AUS-F101 contains the M1745 flags; sheet AUS-F102 contains the M1743 flags. Both sheets have 12 flags and cost £4.00 each including VAT. They are available now in the Fighting 15s online shop.

The Puebla regiment proudly bears its new flags. Figures by Eureka Miniatures

The Puebla regiment proudly bears its new flags. Figures by Eureka Miniatures


Oddzial Osmy re-releases from Fighting 15s: Teutonic infantry previews


Next up in the 15mm re-releases of former Oddzial Osmy ranges from Fighting 15s will be the Teutonic crossbowmen and spearmen. We now have the production masters made for the moulds, using the original master figures as a starting point, and hope to get the production moulds made in the next few weeks.

The figures were originally part of a small range that Polish company Oddzial Osmy made for the battle of Tannenberg. Fighting 15s now owns these figures. They are on the tall side for 15mm.


Inked versions


Fighting 15s re-releases 15mm Krakus cavalry

15mm Krakus cavalry 1813

15mm Krakus cavalry 1813

At long last Ian at Fighting 15s has got his act together and started re-releasing the 15mm figures originally produced by Oddzial Osmy of Poland. The company produced a small range of 15mm Napoleonics and Medievals, to which Fighting 15s now has the rights. Fighting 15s is in the process of making new moulds from the masters.

The first re-release is the 15mm Napoleonic Krakus cavalry for 1813, one of the most popular sets in the range. Three units of Polish cossacks (Krakus) were raised in 1812, but combined into one regiment. Headgear varied, and the Oddzial Osmy set represented two variants: a tall czapka, and a lower, more traditional Polish cap, but not the melon-shaped cap shown in some pictures. The Krakus fought loyally for Napoleon, serving into 1814.

The original set was released as a box of 15 figures, but Fighting 15s has re-released the troopers and command separately. The troopers are available in a pack of four for £3.30 inc VAT (£2.75 ex VAT) and the command is available in a pack of two for £1.70 inc VAT (£1.42 ex VAT). The troopers now have cast lances – the originals were open-handed.

The figures are best suited in size to smaller 15mm figures from other manufacturers, but as the Krakus were mounted on small horses they may work with larger 15mm figures.

Oddzial Osmy, of course, still produces its own 1:600 ranges and 15mm SF range, which are stocked by Fighting 15s.

Product Link:




Size comparison (left to right): Old Glory, Essex, Oddzial Osmy, AB Cossack, AB


Small claims court news from Fighting 15s

Fighting 15s regrettably had to take a customer to court recently for defaulting on a payment. Their payment for an order was reversed by their bank after the goods had been dispatched and received, and the customer failed to respond to several emails and a final request for payment sent by registered post. Fighting 15s had proof of delivery of the order, and proof of delivery of the final demand for payment.

Fighting 15s has a Government Gateway account (for VAT), so it was no trouble to go through the online procedure for the small claims court which requires a gateway account. The court fee is £25, which is added to the amount that the defendant has to pay.

Fighting 15s is delighted to announce that the customer decided to pay in full, if somewhat after the deadline, rather than have judgment go against them and damage their credit rating.

It’s the first time in its trading history that Fighting 15s has had to use the small claims procedure against a customer. Fighting 15s had all the necessary documentation and proofs of posting and delivery, and the process was very simple and trouble-free. But it could have been avoided if the customer had responded to communications, particularly to the final written demand. The customer had managed to respond to email when a first attempt at placing an order failed. The result is that the customer ended up paying £55.28 for an order that should have cost £30.28.

Fighting 15s completes purchase of 40mm Flashing Blade lines

Fighting 15s has formally completed the purchase of the 40mm ranges formerly made by Southampton-based Flashing Blade, and which Fighting 15s has been keeping in production.

The 40mm ranges include Romano-British and Dark Ages Saxons, Ancient Greeks and Skeletons, and Napoleonic Portuguese Cacadores. Over the next few months Fighting 15s will be tightening up the lines, making new moulds where required to ease production headaches, and getting photographs up on the website.

Figures in the ranges are reasonably priced at £2.50 per foot figure including VAT.

Fighting 15s gets set to walk the Wight again

I am walking the Wight again on 13 May 2012, raising money for the Earl Mountbatten Hospice – the only hospice on the Isle of Wight. I last did this in 2010, when I raised over £400, largely thanks to donations made by Fighting 15s’ customers.

One of those generous customers is no longer with us, having been claimed way too young by pancreatic cancer. So this year I’m walking partly in memory of him and of the fantastic conversations we used to have about our toy soldiers. And partly I’m walking it again because the hospice does such fantastic work here on the Isle of Wight.

Walking the Wight involves covering the distance from Bembridge airport in the east to the Needles in the west – a distance that if walked in a straight line would involve getting your feet rather wet at the end. It’s around 28 miles, and I plan to cover the distance in about 10 hours. I’ll have a few days to recover and regain use of my legs before heading off for Triples in Sheffield.

I have a Just Giving page for customers to sponsor my walk at: My walker number is 2218.

For more details about Walk the Wight and the Earl Mountbatten Hospice, go to